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Updated on June 18, 2010
J.G. asks from New York, NY
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Hey, mamas.

My son has double-wide feet, and it's been IMPOSSIBLE to find a cool pair of canvas sneakers for him. All Stars will never happen, and even Keds in a wide don't get on those chubbers! People have suggested Keen to me, but I notice that they don't come in wide widths, and I'm not sure how wide they really run. And what about Etnies? Any advice?? All I wanted was a simple pair of cool shoes for my boy, not clunky, hot sneakers!

Forgot to mention - he's a year and a half old, and he wears a 6.5 double-wide. :)

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answers from New York on

My 17 month old daughter has the opposite problem, narrow feet. We have looked everywhere. I just had to try everything on her (luckily she thought it was fun). Kmart has some wide toddler shoes. Target is worth a try--many styles there including some wider ones; I usually get my 4 y.o. son shoes there. I looked in Stride Rite--nice shoes but a bit more $ (but if you can't find anything else...) Clarks are great and comfortable shoes, I love them for me! I haven't tried their kids shoes. Children's Place usually had good shoes but I didn't love the selection for boys this spring/summer.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Our kids both have Shrek or Fred Flintstone feet as I call them.

Our poor 2 year-old daughter is stuck in double-wide, and it's nearly impossible to find her cute shoes.

Depending on how much you want to spend, we found a few things for both our kids that seemed to be good options.

Last summer, we purchased a pair of lace-up Superga shoes for our daughter. They make them for boys and girls, laces and velcro. They're pricey, but they were really cute.

We've had good luck with the Jumping Bean's brand at Kohl's this season for both kids as well as Children's place. They have cute canvas "board" shoes for boys that have elastic inside (no laces) and stretch over wide feet.

We've also had luck in the past at Clark's for the kids. But, their shoes are mostly leather which won't help you with finding something in canvas.

We tend to only go to Stride Rite as a last resort - they have nice shoes, but they're a little aggressive in the store and more expensive than I think they're worth.

In a pinch, Crocs have been great.

Some shoes are wide by design despite not having the "designation". Saucony and New Balance shoes have been really accommodating and generous for our kids wider-than-normal feet.

Good luck!

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answers from New York on

We just bought New Balance extra wide sneakers at Sears. They were on sale for around $ 20.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

My daughter's feet are wide. I got her a pair of Van's lace up canvas sneakers and they fit well.



answers from Seattle on

StrideRite is the absolute best for foot development... and were the only shoes that were wide enough (they come in wide and xwide) for kiddo's feet except for Adidas Calisage sandals & teva.



answers from Pittsburgh on

When my son was that age, I had to go to Stride Rite. He wore an xtrawide and they always had something--and always offered to order some more to try on if I wanted.



answers from Dallas on

You didn't say what size you are looking for or the age of your son, but I suggest Stride Rite.



answers from New York on

I don't know if K-Mart still exists but thats where I always found cute inexpensive sneakers in really wide styles. hope this helps, but in any case most kids feet will become narrower as they get older and walk more.



answers from New York on

Hi! I had the same problem with my son. We found a cool pair of sneaker/sandals for him from Stride Rite. I cant remember the name b/c it was awhile ago but they looked like closed toe sandals and they came in cool colors so they looked good for boys. Sorry I cant remember the name. Stride Rite comes in double wide and have lots of choices.



answers from Utica on

Fit is the important thing.
Go to a good shoe store and see what they say.
Don't think you are alone. Do you have wide feet? If not it is much harder because you don't realize that a comfortable pair of shoes can be wonderful even if they are ugly. Fit is the important thing.
I remember taking my 10 yo to get shoes. We had been to 4 or 5 shops that sell shoes but didn't really know how to measure or I was supposed to know how. He had tried on enough shoes that he was sick of it. OK so we go to the real shoe store where they measure their feet etc, yikes, I knew we would have trouble paying for these shoes. The salesman asks what we are looking for. I say something that fits. He says no problem as he looks at our son & says "you need bathtubs for those feet" I was so upset, but he measured my son's feet. At that time he wore a 12 EE, and was still growing. No wonder he complained about the fit of the10's they had tried to put on him.
Had I always had trouble fitting him. Yes.
Today he orders his shoes, so they fit. Normal stores don't have sizes higher than 12 in stock.
Having his feet comfortable will make your son a happier child and therefore it doesn't matter what they look like. Can I say it again, it is fit that counts.
Good job knowing that there is a problem and looking to correct it. You can't even imagine how many people I have told that their child's shoes don't fit.



answers from New York on

I can help! I went to Clarks for our daughter. They have more expensive shoes at times, but are having a sale now and their shoes are extremely well made. They will measure your son's feet and help you pick something that fits comfortably. I also do a ton of shopping online and highly recommend or also googling online.

also,, (not free return?)
and they all have return exchange free shipping. a hassle, but it's nice to get more style selections.

See if this shows up when you click it. I just went to and chose boys shoes and then you can select the double wide option. I have wide feet myself and ended up with double wide when I was pregnant... so I understand the slim pickins out there!

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