Need Suggestions for Preschool Boys Size 12 Gym Shoes

Updated on October 20, 2012
L.B. asks from Elk Grove Village, IL
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Hi Mamas,

I have been buying Sketcher gym shoes (aka sneakers) as my 4 year old son's everyday shoes as I have liked that they have velcro straps instead of laces. Although I'll buy no-name clothes, etc., I typically buy brand-name shoes as I have wanted a higher quality to ensure his growing feet have the right support, cushion, etc. I think feet are important.

So I have become disappointed with Sketchers--I just paid $14 three weeks ago to have a buckle and connector thingy replaced by the shoe repair guy only to find that the velcro isn't "sticky" enough anymore and my son is running around with straps loose and constantly trying to re-stick them. So I think I'm done with Sketchers.

Any suggestions for this size/age that are not shoelace tie shoes? (I don't imagine those curly cue thingies for kids laces replace the firm support a ties or velcro shoe gives. Maybe I'm wrong?)

Thanks Mamas! And happy Friday!!!

Just an edit--I'm about 45 minutes away from the nearest outlet mall. :-(

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answers from Dallas on

I buy the Stride Rite brand for gym shoes for my son as they have a lot of styles and several w/really good velco systems, even for older boys (mine is 9). I thankfully have an outlet mall down the street from me so I can usually get them at around $25 at most, do you have an outlet near you??

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answers from Phoenix on

Yeah, Skechers seem to more about looks than quality.

Just try one of the major sneaker brands - Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc. You can find name brand at Ross, Marshall's, Etc. Try, too. You don't need anything crazy, especially since he'll be out of them in a few months.



answers from Charleston on

Stride Rite outlet - I scored 3 pair of shoes in size 12 last weekend for 70% off. Two have the velcro closures, and the other is a true tie style tennis shoe. None of the shoes were over $13 a piece.



answers from Washington DC on

Payless has good quality velcro sneakers that don't cost a ton. They also sell Stride Rite.



answers from Detroit on

I love Pumas! And you can buy them on line.



answers from Las Vegas on

After only 3 weeks, I would take the shoes back and I would not have taken them to a shoe repair. Then I would gladly continue to use Sketcher's since you are already happy with the shoe.

I don't know about the curly laces, but my daughter uses waxed laces on her ice skates and the lace does not move.

It is about time to start teaching him the concept of tying shoes. Once he is in school, the teachers don't care to help tie shoes on 30 kids. That's 60 shoes to tie back up.



answers from Dallas on

I hear ya! I had the same situation occur with the only and LAST pair of sketchers I'll ever buy my kiddos.

We have bought new balance and nike or adidas, but adidas tend to breakdown where the ball of foot bends. If you are lucky enough to have a famous footwear near you, go there and peruse the various brands. These, however, are our favorites In fact, one of our nike pair actually held together long enough for my little guy to actually grow out of it instead of being demolished - LOL.



answers from Chicago on

I love Stride Rite. I think you can order them online. My son's Sketchers (and my daughter's for that matter) never hold up very long.

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