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Updated on April 11, 2010
L.F. asks from Cartersville, GA
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I'm looking for a swing set that is inexpensive, fairly compact and that will last. I saw that ToysRus has one that is around $200 but some of the reviews said it was crappy. I also don't have that big of a yard but want at least 2 swings, maybe a slide and possibly something else. I like that $200 price but don't want to waste it on a piece of junk! Any help?

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answers from Louisville on

I can't imagine getting anything very good for under $500 (I'm assuming you want the wooden style you can build from Home Depot or Lowes), because you say the $200 TRU version is crappy. Pretty much all the cheap metal ones are junky. I've had a Rainbow system (lifetime warranty) for 7 years and has been well worth the money. However, it was much more than what you're looking to spend. Neighbors of ours bought the build it yourself variety for $500 and it was pretty good but they replaced after 3 years with one for about $800 which is holding up much better (they did not have the first on level ground so that makes a big difference in safety and parts wearing faster). Another neighbor did the Lowe's one and spent about $500 but got climbing wall, small landing for slide which has a little roof, two swings and see saw. Good luck!



answers from Charleston on

$200 is an good price IF it has a lot of functions and swingsets now adays wont last long anyway if you want them to last you need to put some kind of waterproof coating on them every year(including the chains) we bought one quite a few years back from walmart and it lasted us about 9 years we finally had to take it down(last year) as it was no longer safe plus my kids outgrew it)maybe shop around at walmart,target,etc and look for something cheaper if it lasts at least a few years you at least you can say you got what you paid for and it was worth the money. they dont make ANYTHING like they used to anyway i say shop around and look for the best deal and go from there.



answers from Nashville on

We got a Kettler Trimstation last fall and the kids love it. They are 5 & 3. It's small and different from other swing sets in that it is designed for more upper body exercise that most other sets. It has 1 swing, 1 rope to swing on or climb, monkey bars and a trapeze bar. We put it together in 2 evenings and took another week or so to put down a frame and mulch. No one has been hurt yet but they are much stronger. We got it from Amazon with no shipping fees for $500. They don't fight over the swing because there is something else to do.



answers from Phoenix on

It depends on how old your kids are. If they are young I bought the small swingset from walmart for $119 and I have had it for 2 years now. It is holding up nicely and it is small. My 4yr old and 18mo old love it. It has 2 swings, a slide, and a tetter-totter.
Be careful it you want the wooden type of swingset. Some of them are treated with arsonic and after a rain the residue from a puddle can be injested by children playing on them.
Good luck in your searching :o)



answers from Nashville on

I am not sure you are going to find a good swing set for $200. Hopefully someone else can help with that price range. We bought ours at Home Depot, you have to put it together. It is very well made but was $1100. They do have cheaper but this one had the fort and the rock wall. It is 5 yrs old and is still in great condition. You can get one from Lowe's, Sam's, Toys R Us, Home Depot, and sometimes nurseries that also sell sheds, etc
I would say you could get a good one for around $500. Do take advice from the ones that say 'crappy' though.


answers from Dallas on

You get what you pay for.....just be careful.

Maybe check craigslist or something to get a GOOD used one. We had a $2500+ Woodlawn set in perfect condition and I sold it at Christmas for $400



answers from Jacksonville on

We got our plans and wood at Lowe's this time. We have also gotten them from Home Depot. The cheaper ones at discount stores are just that, cheap. My son's first one is still standing in my mother's yard and he is 21 years old. Mom and dad put it up when he was maybe two. It was from Lowe's.
We have moved 6 times and have built 4 swingsets. THe other two times we have bought neighbor's used wooden swingsets.
The total cost of the last one was just under $700, but it has two towers, a rock wall, and just about everything you can buy at Lowe's.

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