Buying a Swing Set from Walmart?

Updated on July 07, 2007
B.K. asks from Orangevale, CA
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We are planing to buy a wooden swing set from walmart for our son's birthday. It is the Durango set made by backyard ventures. Has anyone bought this or any of the swing sets from walmart? Are they any good, and good quality? Thanks for your input.

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So What Happened?

Well, we bought the Durango play set the yesterday. It took my husband about five hours to put it together. Our boys just love it. Thank you all for your comments. Also to Teri, thank you for researching and finding out about the recall. I found out it was for last years models. The wrong bolts had been sent out, but they have it all fixed now. And, I would recomend this set to other people. Thanks again ladies.

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Bridget (and all other moms with this swingset!!) I was so interested after reading the responses to this set that I did a search to see about buying one myself. I am not sure if this is the same one that you are all talking about, it looks like there has been a recall. Check out this website to see if this is the same set you guys have or are thinking about buying . . . It looks like you can get replacement parts to make it safe but please check this out before someone gets hurt.

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Hi we just decided to buy that set also, it looks like it is a good set and a lot of moms said it was great. I read reviews and everyone loved it but some complained of the put together part. My husband says he can handle it.HA So are you ordering it? I contacted Walmart on the web to ask if I could get it at a store near me, but they said I have to call around myself. I have had no luck. Do you know of a walmart that has it, in the Inland Empire or orage county. We will drive just avoid shipping cost. Good luck How old are you kids? K.



answers from Las Vegas on

I don't know anything about Wal-Mart, but Backyard Adventures playset are VERY nice. You might want to look at and see what they offer and to make sure you are looking at the real thing not someone trying to use a similar name. All the real Backyard Adventures playsets are made out of Redwood and are very high quality.

Hope your son has a great birthday!

PS Another place you might check out is someplace like Sam's Club or Costco...they have great playsets sometimes (they are usually a seasonal item, so they may not have anymore in the stores this year, but maybe you could see what they have online)



answers from Las Vegas on

I was hoping to see what kind of responses you get, as I would like to buy one too.



answers from Sacramento on

We got the Durango swing set a few months ago. It is a great set, very good quality for the money. My kids are 5, 4 and 2 and they all love it. My husband did get some sturdier stakes than what it came with to keep it firmly planted to the ground. I would recommend this swing set to anyone with young children. For the quality and price, you can't beat it....and I looked a lot before buying!



answers from San Diego on

We have the Durango set (Slide, clubhouse, glider and 2 swings) and it is great. Only catch is that while sturdy, bigger kids (80 plus#) and the set starts to get, um...unhappy. It has held up to everything that my kids and their friends have given it, but you can definately tell when too many big kids are on it.

but, for younger kids, a great cost-effective choice.

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