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Updated on June 09, 2008
C.P. asks from Wolcott, CT
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Any advice on purchasing a swing set? My hubby feels the aluminum sets aren't secure enough; I heard that the wood sets are dangerous because of the chemically treated wood. Are there any other (reasonably priced) option?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to spend the 1000s of dollars most of the wood sets cos. I really need to find an affordable alternative.

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answers from New York on

There are other outdoor options and smaller units depending on the childs age.. if you really want one .. get what you can ..and just be careful...

I personally like going to the park ..to play with other kids

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I agree with what Arlene S said. We searched all over for a "safe" swing set and felt there were many better and more secure options with wood. If you select one made of Cedar or Redwood there's no "treatment" required to the wood, since these woods naturally repel insects and fair best through the seasons. We chose a cedar swing set and are very happy we did. The different companies carry different woods, so you'll have to check around. We took advantage of the after season sales, which start in our area in August (so there was lots of time for use!) and saved a bundle! As a result we could afford a larger set than originally planned. Regarding moving, all (or most) reputable comapanies will build (at set up) and move plus re-assemble) if you move. Of course you have to pay, but the slight fee is well worth the headache of your husband/family doing it, plus it's guaranteed and they get it completed in less than 4 hours. My friends who did smaller sets themselves took 2-3 weekends! That's torture for the kids! Good luck finding what you like! Happy swinging!



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well you could get plastic, but wood would be better environmental, kwim. honestly, the swing sets are all over the place, and if there were safety issue, they would be recalled. chemically treated wood is everywhere around. plastic is awful for the environment.
i would pick wod since it will break down but thats just me. if your concern was only safety, the metal ones are fine. i really wouldnt worry about the materials and instead, pick one based on features, and ones that seem to have less areas that a child could fall. good luck.



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3 years ago, we bought the absolute cheapest wooden swing set we could find. It was from Walmart and we picked it up at the store to avoid the $100+ shipping cost. Total, with tax, was less than $500. The structural parts are pressure treated, but here's the kicker: they were also encased in heavy-duty plastic, so there is NO pressure treated lumber for small hands to touch. The rest was cedar or cypress, nicely finished. We add a coat of water seal every year, and it still looks like new. The ONLY con is that it moves a tiny little bit while the swings are going. I figure an aluminum set would swing a LOT more, and since I put this thing together, I know it couldn't POSSIBLY tip, collapse, etc.

I think prices have actually gone down a bit since we bought this. I have seen nicer ones (more play options) in the $500 range since then. I really don't think you have to spend $3000 to get a fun and safe play area. Good luck.



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You are right to be concerned about treated wood. You have gotten lots of advice, but I just wanted to say that we cannot trust the marketplace to make decisions for our health. Don't rely on the fact that many have been made and they would be recalled if they weren't safe. Just look at the cleaning products and toiletries that you buy in the stores. They have known cancer causing agent in them, yet they sit on the shelves and we put them on our bodies and in our homes every day. We wash our babies' hair with formaldehyde! That is known to cause cancer...ewww! Mascara has two known dangerous cancer causing chemicals in it. Bleach is banned in many european countries because it is so toxic and dangerous. Disinfectants that advertise being safe to use around children actually have pesticides in them...how safe are they really?

I don't know about swingsets. We don't have one. But I do know that you are smart to shop around and get all the facts before you make a purchase. If you opt for metal, you can bury them in the ground for a little bit more stability. I remember having one as a child and it used to come up off the ground when we would swing on it, but it never broke or tipped over and I never got hurt.

Good luck with your purchase. Sounds like you are a great mom!

SAHM to 5 wonderful children



answers from New York on

Hi! We had a wooden swingset installed about 4 yrs ago & it took a backhoe to move it when we needed it moved. We had also done the aluminum swingset at our old house, but it really wasn't too stable. If more than two children were on it the thing would bump. I had concerns about the chemicals the wood is treated with, but when we did our shopping around we were told by the salesman and the brochure also had it in there about the wood not causing cancer and other type of illnesses. We live in NJ and went thru Rainbow Swing sets 1-800-RAINBOW (1-800-724-6269). My father-in-law bought this for my daughter and it was a little over $3,000 but well worth it! To me it was a really good investment because my daughter is now 10 & she still plays with it - so does her 4 yr old sister!



answers from New York on

I just bought a great swing set from Step 2. It's made out of that plastic material that they make outdoor toys with. It's really sturdy and there's no maintenance (and no splinters). The one I have will probably be good for kids up to 8yrs. Check out their website. Little Tikes makes them too, but I think they're a little smaller. Good luck!



answers from New York on

Most of the steel/aluminum sets available are strong & secure enough to supply years of good service. Most important thing is to secure properly to the ground & cover any exposed bolts or screws. Also, verify weight limits. Check out the sets online & look at customer reviews first to make sure you are getting a quality product that the kids will enjoy.
On the other hand, there are many kinds of wood swing sets that are not made with treated wood. They use cedar or bamboo & other kinds of hard, naturally weather resistant wood. If you have any doubts about the safety of the wood, you can use a quality outdoor paint or waterproof sealant so there is no direct contact with the wood. These sets also tend to have higher weight limits (strong enough for even the grownups to enjoy). Good luck on your purchase.


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I just bought an aluminum set for my grandchildren last year. You use special screws to secure them to the ground and keep them stable (after making sure they are on flat ground). It seems to be working out great so far. My daughter didn't want a wooden set. She remembered swings sets from when she was young and knew that she didn't want to have to figure out how to get rid of it in a few years when the kids move onto other things.



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First of all they are steel not aluminum and they are very sturdy. Allegedly they have stopped treating the wood with arsenic but are using something "safe". I tend to not jump at anything that has been treated with any chemical. We bought a very nice metal swing aset made by flexible flyer (the old sled manufacturer) and while it is difficult to put together, it seems quite sturdy.

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