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Updated on April 15, 2014
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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We have a very large playground in our backyard, with a giant rubber mulch pit all around it. Ideas on where I can find someone to move it? It's a Rainbow, so I don't know if I can pay them to move it? Ideas on how much it would cost?

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This is a very large set, with a tunnel slide, two towers, etc. A new one would run us about 5k on sale. Regular price is around 10. So I figure if I can move it for 1k, I'm way ahead.

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answers from Chicago on

I looked in moving a playset when one was advertised on Craigslist for free. It was pretty new and in great condition. I was told it would cost about $650 to take it down and put it up at my house More if they had to do anything else like dig holes or cement.

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answers from Houston on

It will most likely cost more than you're willing to spend... unless you are of course made of money, which you may be.
Stability and integrity is reduced when these types of playsets are taken apart, moved and reassembled.
Don't get me wrong, anything can be done.
Why not leave it for the new occupants that are undoubtedly getting an amazing deal on their new home purchase.

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answers from Dallas on

When we sold our second home that had a very nice wooden swing set (we purchased and had professionally installed), we left it as a part of the sale because the new owners wanted it.

When we built our current home, 2000, we put in an even better wooden play set that our daughter and friends used for years.

About 3-4 yrs ago, I sold the set and the new buyer brought out a professional installer to take apart and reinstall the set in her yard. I don't know what she paid to have it taken apart but she was aware that taking it apart and reinstalling it would likely effect the stability of the overall set. I never heard from her again so I suppose everything went well.

If you are set on moving it, I would contact Rainbow and have one of their installers take care of it so you maintain as much stability as possible and make necessary upgrades and repairs with Rainbow.

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answers from Detroit on

Can you just buy a new one? Get another giant rubber mulch pit around it. A new Rainbow one? Maybe a water feature?

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answers from Chicago on

I don't know the answer, but make sure that you include in the details of your MLS listing that the swingset is NOT included. My heart leaps with joy when I see one of those playsets in the yard of homes we view, so that's definitely something I'd want to know before making an offer on a home.

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answers from Austin on

Do you want to move it, or get rid of it? You can call some of the hardware stores in your area to see if they have lists of local contractors or landscapers.

If you want to get rid of it, you could sell it on craigslist and state that they will have to clear all of it out.

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answers from Washington DC on

the cost would probably be prohibitive enough that you'd be better off leaving it, and getting a new one when you move.
did you find a house??
ETA 10K DOLLARS????????

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We took ours apart and moved it in pickups. Then put it back together at our new house. It wasn't easy, lots of work but doable.

If you want to pay someone hundreds and hundreds of dollars to do something you could do yourself over time then try contacting the company it was purchased through or some other company that makes, sells, and constructs the same things.

I will say that the mulch is bacteria and mold in it. If you try to take it up you should wear gloves, masks, and have some Benadryl handy.

Leaves and cut grass blow into the mulch and decompose. They are organic and therefore grow nasty stuff.

Just be careful and I bet you can leave some of the structures intact, we left the fort together on ours. Just toppled it over onto a pickup bed and tied it down. It was bigger than the truck but since it's hollow, not a solid piece of wood, it was light enough to be transported by the truck.

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answers from Austin on

We had two standard type metal swing sets when we lived in Iowa... we took them apart and moved them to Texas. (One was a standard smaller a-frame style, the other was larger with a small play fort platform at the top of the slide). As far as I know, we probably brought it down to Texas in the back of the pick-up, or we may have had them load the pieces on the moving van.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Like Laurie said, I often see these sets advertised on Craig's List. You could reduce the sale price or even give it away for free with the condition that they have to dissemble it and move it. I have one too and I'm facing the same issue soon. How old is it and what kind of condition is it in? Those are factors in whether it is moved and reused or just discarded. I have actually considered consulting Rainbow, but I assume it wouldn't be a good business model for them to suggest people to move their old playgrounds for resale and reuse. And there's liability issues. If it is too be discarded you might need to bring it a hazardous waste facility or recycling facility. I am fortunate that I have one nearby, but there is a fee. I think the wood is considered hazardous waste because of the stain and treatment. I would start by making some calls and checking out Craig's List, depending on whether you want it discarded or reused.

ETA: Oops, I thought you were just trying to get it out of your yard, didn't realize you were moving and wanted to bring it with you. Based on the other responses you've gotten I'm personally going to consult Rainbow about having mine professionally moved and reinstalled somewhere else. That's probably the safest thing to do.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We found someone through craigslist. That was their primary business and they seemed very trustworthy. In five hours, they took the set apart at the old home, drove it 30 miles and put it back together at my home. Totally worth every penny we spent - about $500. Your set is bigger than mine (we have a single tower with a slide, plus two swings and a set of rings) so it might cost a little more.

Contact local swingset retailers and ask for referrals. I'm sure they know of someone that can do it for $1000 or less.



answers from Chicago on

if you call Rainbow they do have this service, or you can place an ad on Craigslist saying you need helpers,some college kids would jump at the chance, maybe find out how much Rainbow charges then post the ad with a slightly lower price.



answers from Miami on

I remember how expensive those huge sets were. You must have a big back yard. They have to have doubled in price since the time my kids were little. You are doing the right thing by taking it with you.

Make sure you put in your real estate papers NOW, before someone puts a contract on your house, that the set goes with you. If you forget to do that, you'll have a battle on your hands.

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