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Updated on June 09, 2008
V.G. asks from Chicago, IL
5 answers

I want to buy my daughter a swing set for her 2nd birthday. I have been looking at tons of them on-line and not sure what material (wood, plastic) or features to get. Would like something that she can climb or build upper body strength. It has to last a while since I have a 3 month old who will be using it one day also. Any suggestions?

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answers from Chicago on

It would depend on how much you are wanting to spend. We like the Rainbow wooden swingsets but they are very expensive but they will outlast both of your children. I have seen used wooden ones in the paper or Toys R Us has wooden sets as well.



answers from Chicago on

I think it also depends on how much room you have....we bought a little tykes.....we have a 3yr old and a 9 month old.


answers from Champaign on

I have 3 boys (and finally a girl) and I didnt want to invest in a wooden swing set. The boys destroyed the metal one in less than 2 summers. Now I am going to go get a wooden one from Toys R Us. The lowest price model is $399. If I would have just spent the money to begin with my daughter would have something to play on. Now we just have this broken up metal death trap in my yard that I'm still waiting for my husband to dismantle. If you have a handy dandy husband (unlike mine) you could get a kit for even cheaper at Lowes or Home Depot.



answers from Chicago on

I highly recommend you look into getting a used one. We just bought a used wooden one for 300. Check craigs list, the newspaper ect...Wooden ones will run you at least 700, if not more. Also, if you are looking into a plastic one, they too are very expensive! Look into used, this helps recycle these items.



answers from Chicago on

The wooden sets are definitley the longest lasting if you purchase one with 4X4 supports rather than 2x4. We found that Home Depot's Disney line had the best set under $1000 and that Costco had the best set under $1500. My husband just put a Toys R Us set (around $700 model) together for a friend and said it was a nightmare...horribly made, missing pieces, and incorrect instructions. If you want 'trouble free', Rainbow puts them together and guarantees them.

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