What is the shopping guide or review on swing sets?

Updated on April 23, 2010
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
7 answers

We are looking in to purchasing a swing set. What does everyone suggest. I love the rainbows but they seem pricey. Any other suggestions out there. Thanks


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Some parents think it was pricey, but it will be used for a minimum of 10 years, and it has great resale value. While some parent would just go for a swing set that is less expensive, they suggest to check Sam's Club, Costco and CraigsList.

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Try www.craigslist.com I see great looking sets all the time on there. Sometimes it's worth the take down, travel and put back up again in your own yard if you are saving thousands we did it this year and have no complaints.

Good luck



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We got ours from Merry Time Play Systems, just as good as Rainbow , but half the price. They deliver and set up everything. You can find them on the web.
Another option is to check out Craig's List. I see alot of wooden swing sets for sale there.
Hope this helps.



answers from Milwaukee on

I'd beware of Merry Time Swingsets.
#1 not on time for set up (showed up LATE and worked in the dark-mmm maybe that is why my swingset is so bad!)
#2 Product had many scratches on wood like they dragged things across it
#3 Many installation errors of screws gone through wood, cracks in wood, basically not set up properly
#4 very nice when you come to buy--then when you have problems they are full of excuses

I was going to buy a Rainbow--but thought I would save money by going with the smaller company. I'd think twice. If you do buy make sure you are the first install of the day and are there to supervise and inspect every step they take.
I'll update this post if they take care of me in a timely and appropriate manner.
Good Luck.



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I actually have a swing set available its the cradle swing fisher price only been used three times we got it in march its very nice its swings two ways and it has a ten speed and four soothing songs if you would like it i got it brand new its very nice its just i have a preemie son and he only likes his bouncer please let me know thanks S. heres my email ____@____.com



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My neighbors are very happy with the one they purchased from Costco. And it's the same manufacturer as Rainbow--just half the price. I personally find Rainbow a giant rip-off. Another option is Menards or Home Depot "kits".

We recently built our own from scratch. We bought the plans off the internet and then purchased the lumber/bolts/additional stuff. It was time consuming, but saved lots of money. My husband is pretty crafty so he enjoyed the process.

Good luck!



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We got our at Sams Club and it was a lot less than the rainbow ones but still very nice!!



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Hi G.,

We have a Rainbow swing set and we love it! And yes, it was pricey, but we got it when my oldest was only 2 years old, and we have 3 kids altogether (now ages 8, 6, and 3). Needless to say, the swing set has gotten tons of use, not only from my kids, but from lots of the neighbor kids as well.

What I like about the Rainbow set we have is that it is big (we have one of the bigger models). It seemed so huge when we first got it, but now that we have an 8 year old, it is not huge, but still big enough to be a challenge for him. My kids play on it every day in the summer and fall, and even go out in the winter to use it (the slide is especially fast in the winter!).

That's my 2 cents - I know that it was pricey, but it will be used for a minimum of 10 years in my yard, and I am planning on putting it up for sale on eBay when my kids outgrow it. They have great resale value.

Good luck, and happy swing set shopping!

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