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Looking for Good Swing Set...

L.F. asks from Charlotte

I'm looking for a swing set that is inexpensive, fairly compact and that will last. I saw that ToysRus has one that is around $200 but some of the reviews said it wa...


Border for Around Swing Set

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

I need opinions on what type of border to put around our swingset wood, plastic, composite wood or any other suggestions you may have. Also what has everyone put unde...


Backyard Swing Set

J.D. asks from Seattle

We are thinking about buying a nice swingset. For those of you who have or had them, have you found them to be worth the money? Did your kids lose interest in them ...


Metal Swing Set - Anchor or Cement?

J.K. asks from Chicago

We are getting a metal swing set. Do we HAVE to cement it into the ground, or can they be anchored in some way? If you've anchored it, could you tell me how? Thank...


Seeking Reviews on Wooden Swing Set

S. asks from St. Louis

We are looking to buy a wooden swing set for our son for his birthday and are looking around at all the different types out there we were wondering if anyone has any ...


Need a (Reasonable) Handyman for Swing Set.

A.L. asks from Kansas City

We just bought our son a (wooden) swing set, and are looking for someone to put it together. Also, to do some stuff around the house (put on screens, fix fence...) ...


**Revised** Looking to Buy a Swing set...Help!!!

A.V. asks from Detroit

I am looking buy a swing set for my 9 month old. I do not have a tree to hang a baby swing and ther are NO baby swing at the parks near me. The closest that I have ...


If You Have a Swing Set/ Play Structure Do Your Kids Play with It?

S.P. asks from San Diego

I am considering getting a swing set/ play set for our backyard (the wooden kind sold at the big name home improvement stores). I have 2 boys ages 6 and 3. I'm hopi...


Climber & Swing Set ( Too Many Choices )

F.R. asks from Los Angeles

hello mommies~ My little gril will be turning one in Sept. My husband and I are looking for a outdoor climber+swing set combo. our yard will accomidate an average ...



J.S. asks from Los Angeles

We are currently on the market for a good Swingset. I have a 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl who love to play outside. I have read some reviews about the toysrus s...