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Is Your Child in Modeling?

I have had several people tell me I should get my daughter into modeling. Well, I kinda agree...I do think shes the cutest thing ever :) (and I need to update her picture on my profile, because she was 18mo in that pic) A photography company that takes GORGEOUS wedding pictures and has been in quite a few weddings mags asked me if they could use her in their pictures, to show their work. Which, I am perfectly fine with...they are the ones who took her pic in my profile (if I don't update it before you guys see it). My question is,...

Boarding a pet

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Community Boards in the Dublin/Powell/surrounding Areas???

Hi Moms, Can you tell me where I can post a flyer for an upcoming event that is geared toward moms with businesses? I've only been able to find libraries (I thought that grocery stores had community boards, but Meijer, Giant Eagle and Kroger do not!) If you have a store-front or something that moms come through, and are willing to talk to me to see about posting this, please let me know! Otherwise, can you think of some other spots in the community that I could try? Thanks!


Dry Erase Calendar

Hi all! I have been going CRAZY trying to find a dry erase calendar that...


14 Year Old Nephew

Hi! I have a nephew who will be 14 next Thursday... I have no clue what he...