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Looking for Advice About a Recent Experience with a New Pet Sitter

R.R. asks from Minneapolis

We recently went out of town and had an in home pet sitter for my 3 dogs that we DID meet with prior. Long story short multiple different neighbors were very concerne...


Pet Sitter or Pet Boarding for 2 Large Dogs?

A.A. asks from Dallas

Hi, I'm going on vacation for a week in June ( I know its a while away, but trying to figure it out). I have 2 large dogs. A male english pointer and a Female Pit ...


Seeking Pet Sitter

K.B. asks from Tampa

My wonderful pet sitter is moving away. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy, affordable petsitter in the South Tampa area? When we are away I typically need someone ...


Pet Sitter or Pet Boarding?

T.C. asks from Austin

We're going on a summer vacation vacation and trying to decide whether to board our cat or use a pet sitter with it in our house or keep it outdoors. Last year whe...


A Piggy Back from Previous Pet Sitter Prob

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

So my husband and I used another older pet sitter we found on a website that we paid for a membership. I clearly made my expectations known so there were no "grey are...


House Sitter

L.M. asks from Cleveland

We are having a family member house sit for us.while we are out of town for the weekend and I"m getting all paranoid and freaked out. I keep telling myself that...


Our Hired Pet Sitter Brought Frineds in to Our House

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

I am not sure if we are over reacting, but I am pretty miffed and would like some feed back.... We moved into a new house and new area hours away from family last ye...


How Much to Pet Sit?

J.C. asks from Columbus

Ladies, A niece of a neighbor wants me and my family to take her labradoodle for 10 days. I have no idea what to charge her - or even what to suggest! The dog is h...


Looking for a Pet Sitter for 2 Cats

T.J. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any recommendations for a pet sitter? We would like someone to come into our home.


A Good Pet Sitter?

R.E. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms out there! We are looking for a good pet sitter/maybe house sitter in the Northridge/San Fernando Valley area. We have one dog who needs to be taken care of w...