Looking for Pet Sitter in the Creve Coeur Area

Updated on October 02, 2006
E.F. asks from Saint Louis, MO
4 answers

I'm looking for a pet sitter who could come by and check on a cat while we're out of town. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. We used Happy Tails and we were very pleased with their service. They came to the house and fed and played with our cat. They left a cute little note about their visit. We will definitely use them again!

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I saw your request on the website. I'm a mother of 2 grown daughters and one grandson who all live with me, which is why I joined this group. My oldest daughter is 24 and she is wonderful with animals...she has 2 cats of her own and has done pet sitting for a couple of her friends with cats when they leave town. She might be able to help you...

Her name is Jennifer Erickson and we live in South County. Her cell phone number is ###-###-####. I will leave her a message that I gave you this information.



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Happy Tails is a wonderful place for pets...and they do offer services either placing your pet there or for someone to come to your home, which could include checking your mail, etc. They are located on Lindbergh near Dorsett Ave. I've used them for several years and utilized a pet sitter to come to my home and I've never had to worry.
Good luck and welcome to St. Louis.




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I used them when I was a single mom for sitting my son, and my brother is using them for their new twins that are due home from the NICU any day. The do pet sitting and other services also..They are licensed and bonded, and all of the women that provide services are college grad students or the like and are extremely reliable. My family and friends have used them for over 7 years and have never had a complaint.



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hi, E.--
we took our dog to happy tails (off st. charles rock road). it is such a great pet boarding center. it's really cute, they have huge areas to play in, and i highly recommend it. i can't remember how much it costs, but i remember it being very reasonable. i loved the environment!!! good luck!

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