Pets and Travel: Toddler

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What Pet Should We Get?

My husband and I are discussing getting a family pet. He wants an indoor cat or a small dog. I would prefer a sometimes indoor mostly outdoor dog because my son loves to be outdoors. We have a sixteen month old little boy who can be quite rough while playing so I'm thinking a bigger dog would be better so he doesn't accidentally hurt it. I am home all day so it will get plenty of attention. I went to a shelter today and found the cutest 1 year old beagle who has been declawed. Can anyone tell me any reason why we should not get the beagle...


Getting a Pet

Hi All, My eight year old has been wanting a pet for a long time now, and...

Boarding a pet

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Seeking Nice Place to Board Our Dog

Hello all, We are looking for a place to board our dog for a week, so I am looking for feedback on places you may have used. We live in Auroa, so something close to that would be preferable. Also, we have never boarded our dog before, so if anybody can give me a ballpark on costs for boarding, I would appreciate it!! Thanks, D.