House Sitting and Pet Sitting How Do You Get Started

Updated on September 15, 2010
P.E. asks from McKinney, TX
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I have been house sitting and pet sitting for various families for 4 years now. The one thing that I have found out that with the economy people are really cutting back on things that they usually spend the money on, ie. so not as many people are having individuals help with their pets and their homes while their either on travel or vacation. So what I am trying to do is find a few more clients and I have tried advertising thru the usual means and not only is it costly there just isn't any response. I know there is a need out there I just don't know how to tap into them or where a good advertising venue might be. This isn't a company, I am doing it on my own so cost is a big deal for me. But I love having that as a second job and taking care of the pets that I learn to love like my own so if I can continue in it I would like to. Any suggestions, cute ideas, information, do you know if your homeowners have newsletters they will let people advertise in that don't live in that edition? Whatever you can do to help I would love to hear from you. Thanks

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answers from New York on

we do dog sitting.. and what i did was put together a letter.. stating dog sitters... also put in that i have a few clients very happy clients and references.. and went around and put it in mailboxes.. we got a few more calls.. and this didn't cost much.. also put signs up in dog food stores.. and vets... this really helps.. good luck... A.~

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answers from Pittsburgh on

What about connecting with the local PTA and seeing if you can put a flyer in their newsletters..offering a percentage back to the school PTA from all the families from that school who use your services? Exposure for you with a good target market and fundraising with no hassle for the PTA?

Good luck!
Jen Ohrmanb

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answers from Boise on

I would suggest vets. That is where I call if I need a kennel or pet sitter.


answers from Dallas on

Our neighborhood has a secure website and some of the neighbors advertise on it. I don't know if it is available for anyone to post on it.

I would NOT do flyers. I refuse to purchase anything from a flyer on my door or car windshield. I hate the trash.

Check with local PTA's. Many of them sell advertising at reasonable rates for the directory they publish each year.

Check with another pet sitting service and work with them.

We use a service in McKinney.



answers from Dallas on

Dear P.:

My suggestion would be to make up flyers to distribute in neighborhoods you would like business. I have called businesses that have left notices on my door. Also, maybe include a coupon on the flyer? Of course, you might have to check that it's okay to distribute in the neighborhood.

Another suggestion, posting a notice of your services at some local Starbucks locations? And, of course, maybe offer a rebate to your existing customers for referring business your way?

L. F.


answers from Houston on

just so you know, putting flyers in mailboxes is actually illegal and you could be fined big time if someone turns you in. better to put flyers on the peoples actual door handle, but not if it is in a no solicitation neighborhood.



answers from Columbus on

Have you tried offering your current clients a "thank-you" discount if they refer a new client to you? (Only if the new client books and pays).

A lot of the pet places near us (like Pet Supplies Plus) have a community bulletin board that you can post business cards. Design a website with the basics on it (your contact info, some happy pics of you with dogs), with your info (email, phone, rates, discounts, etc.), and have that on your card.

You could try posting add regularly on Craigs LIst -- those are free.

You could try marketing yourself as a less expensive (if that is the case) and more personal service than the traditional kennel, without the same risks of disease that comes with using a boarding kennel.



answers from Indianapolis on


Try putting out an ad on Craigslist in your's can also Google Free classified ads and put some out in your local area for free......probably under community or services......

Making fliers up on your computer and putting them up in Petsmart and vets office if they will let you will help as well......

Good Luck and take care.



answers from Dallas on

I too do pet sitting on my own. I have been showing and training dogs for almost 30 yrs now. The one thing that you will need to help you gain new client trust and respect is to make sure that you are insured and bonded. You can get that by joining an organization such as pet sitters international. They are a large pet sitting group so your rates for insurance is more reasonable than trying to buy it on your own. I think total with membership and insurance ran me about $375 for the year.

I hope that helps.


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