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Looking for Dog Boarding in Plano

We are going to be taking a short vacation the end of this month and I need to find somewhere to board my medium sized dog. I would like to find somewhere that she can at least get outside once in awhile to run around. If anyone has any suggestions for dog boarding in Plano I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance!!


Buying a Mattress

We need to purchase a new box spring and mattress set. I always hate the...


Help with Weightloss

I'm on a neverending quest to lose weight. It seems like a constant struggle...

Boarding a pet

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Boarding My Dog Within Palm Beach County

Does anyone know a place that is NOT cage free for boarding dogs within West Palm Beach to Boca Area? We have a dog that we have boarded at cage free facilites. She gets over excited and does not know when to stop. She ends up getting sun burnt (if the facility is indoor/outdoor) and over heated. We found a great place up in Orlando where each dog had their own large sized room that was air conditioned and had a TV. The attendants would individually walk the dogs a few times a day. Our dog really just likes to sleep all day, so being...