What Is a Reasonable Amount to Pay a Pet-sitter?

Updated on November 19, 2009
K.M. asks from Suwanee, GA
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We are having our 10 and 13 year old neighbors watch our 2 dogs for us while we are gone for 8 days. What is reasonable to pay? My parent's dog who stays with us a lot may also stay at our house while we are gone. Do you pay per pet? per day? per visit? We are expecting them to come 3 times a day.

What about care for a cat who won't really need much attention - just to make sure his big bowl of food and water do not become empty and maybe clean the litter once (he goes in and out via cat door so really won't need much other than to see that he is alive periodically :-)

Thanks so much!

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answers from Atlanta on

Our pet sitter (an adult who owns a certified pet sitting company) charges $35 per day. She walks the dog twice a day, feeds him, gives him water and plays with him 3 times a day. She also takes care of our cat, checks the mail, waters the plants, and turns on and off lights to make it appear as if someone is home and make things seem more normal for the animals.

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We were just in the same situation. An eleven year old girl watched our dog. She was instructed to do 3 visits per day so the dog could be walked and fed 1x/day. She was paid by the visit and I thought $5 was a reasonable amt. per visit. I know from the past that she would give him a good walk (up the street and back) and she gave him lots of love.
I hope this helps.

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answers from Atlanta on

I'd recommend $5-7 per visit.

Several years back, we used a pet-sitting service. They came once a day to feed 4 cats and change the litter box. unlike neighbors, though, they had to drive out to us, and they charged $20 a visit.

When the teenage down the street comes to do it, we pay 'em $10 a visit (one visit a day). And there's no walking, but there is litterbox duty.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi, I'm no kid but I watch my neighbors animals when they travel. I go over 3x a day and walk dogs (2) check on the cats (2) feed the fish and water plants. They pay me $10 a day.

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