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Milk Protein Allergy

M.S. asks from Lansing

My son was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy when he was only three months old. We've been on Similac Alimentum since then. He just turned one last week so we t...


Trying to Transition to Sippy Cup

R.A. asks from Chicago

My son is 15 months and is not a good eater. He is only 18lbs and is not on the chart for weight. He has many severe allergies and cannot eat dairy, soy, wheat, oats...


5 Month Old Still Wont Sleep

C.W. asks from Topeka

Hey moms, so our 5 month old has acid reflux (has been since she was 1 month old) and has slept horrible since she was born. She was premature, born at 36 weeks. The ...


Baby Throws up a Lot!

B.H. asks from Phoenix

My little guy is almost 3 months old now and pretty much after every feeding, he throws up when he burps. Sometimes he throws up in between feedings. It is enough t...


Questions About Using Soy Formula for My 3 Month Old Baby

V.G. asks from San Francisco

I have a 3 month old baby girl. We originally started using breast milk but not enough was being generated. We started feeding her carnation good start at 1 month o...


Introducing Dairy?

A.L. asks from Fresno

My daughter is fast-approaching her first birthday and we are not sure how to handle the milk introduction. She showed signs of having an allergy from the start. I ...


Allergic to Enfamil?

L.T. asks from Columbia

My 3 month old has had feeding issues since he was a month old. He gets a stomach ache/cramps/gas and has bad reflux and nothing helped. Suspected milk allergy, switc...


Spit up Through the Nose?

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

My 11 1/2 week old is on Alimentum (he's colicy and has acid reflux) and when he spits up sometimes it comes out of his nose. Is that normal? I think because it burns...


Should I Go Back to Regular Formula After Feeding Hypoallergenic

G.M. asks from Washington DC

Anyone have experience with going back to the standard formula after being on a hypoallergenic formula for a while? My 3 month old daughter has been on Similac Alime...


Seeking Advice on Formula: Enfamil or Similac?

G.M. asks from Washington DC

My baby drank the standard milk based formula and breastmilk since birth. The constant stomach irritability started soon thereafter. So, tried soy and now am using ...