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To Moms Who Have Had a Wedding...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I am recently engaged, and now thinking about having a wedding. We cannot afford anything extravagant (big surprise there, huh?) and are looking for creative ways to...


Buying Diapers in Bulk

S.P. asks from New York

Hello Moms, The time has come! I am adopting a beautiful little girl, 5-1/2 months old, and she will be here by the end of November! So needless to say I am in a scr...


Seeking Moms That Homeschool

D.D. asks from Jackson

I'm going to begin homeschooling my 4yr. old this fall and could use some advise: First thing is, how do you seperate your everyday life from homeschooling for the c...


Seeking Advice from Moms All over the World

C.W. asks from Memphis

Hey my name is C. I have a 7 year old daughter who is having problems in reading, she can read if u take the time out with her but when she is at school its hard for ...


Homeschooling Moms

T.H. asks from Knoxville

Does anyone homeschool? I'm seeking advise and/or website addresses for material for 5yr old. Next year I'm hoping he can get into 1st grade. I have no clue if I'm on...


Looking for Moms Advice, and Experiences with Weight Loss Programs...

C.C. asks from Fort Walton Beach

I have been struggling with the last 30 lbs of my baby-weight, after my 2nd c-section. To top it off, had to have an emergency partial hysterectomy 3 months ago. Am ...


Seeking Moms on Advice About Marriage

S.H. asks from Detroit

I am having issues in my marriage and when i bring this to my husbands attention,he tries to make me feel like nothing is wrong,and i don`t want to really be pushy ab...


Enfamil Vs. Member's Mark...Any Advice?!?!?!

T.M. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas! I have a 5 week old little boy who eats like there's no tomorrow. I was unable to breastfeed so he's currently taking Enfamily Lipil. My first son also t...


3 Year Old Girl Birthday gifts...any Suggestions??

M.C. asks from Miami

Hello ladies! I was just wondering what your 3 y/o girls are playing with? I am going to a b-day party next weekend and was just wondering what is popular amongst ...


Parenting Question for Those with Children Who Are Close in Age

S.S. asks from Port St. Lucie

Let me set the stage for you: I am a mother of 3 toddlers. The oldest is 3 and a half, next almost 3, and the youngest is 2. They are a handful. I was so lucky and s...