Seeking Group for New Moms

Updated on December 02, 2008
E.K. asks from Silver Spring, MD
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hi, i became mom to a beautiful baby girl 3 wks ago. looking for a mommy group for new moms. not sure how mommy groups work, but would be great to meet other new moms in the MD/DC area. any suggestions?

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Did you ever find a "mommy group"? I joined marylandmommies and it has been good so far, but have yet to joing a playroup. Was wondering if you have had any luck.

Side Note: I noticed the spelling our your first name. I spell my name with an "S" as well.




answers from Denver on

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm on a yahoo group called MetroDCMoms, they are great!! Lots of support! Congrats on the new baby!!

Here is the link



answers from Washington DC on

Hey check out this website

Its a forum, we are all over md and have alot of active moms, we do alot of gatherings play dates and moms night outs i think you'd really enjoy it.

looking forward to hearing from you!!



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Congrats on your new baby (she's already about 3 months old!). Check out or contact ONESIES offers a program for new or experienced moms to make friends and learn about different activities in the local community. It is a six week session with a different activity each week (i.e. music, yoga, advice from a pediatrician). It's excellent! Good luck!



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Hi Elizabeth

I would like to invite you to Hidden Strenghts Support Ministry, Inc's ministry session. HSSM is a support group for single mothers and women in general. Pls let me know if you would be interested in attending our next session.

Thanks. Talk to you soon.


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