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Seeking Moms with Hirschsrpungs Disease Children

H.B. asks from New York

Does anyone have a child with hirschsrpungs disease?


Looking for Organic Lotion/soap for Baby

F.U. asks from Chicago

I have a preemie in the NICU who is now big enough to get baths! The hospital uses Johnson and Johnson. I am pretty big on organic/all natural products. The nurse tol...


What Lotion to Use on a 5 Month Old with Dry Patches Possible Eczema?

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

I have yet to use any lotion on my 5 month old daughter and recently she's developed these dry spots on her legs only and then they turned pinkish. I also found a cou...


Skin Care

J.S. asks from Chicago

Hello moms! I am 33 yars old and, sad to say, I don't take very good care of my skin. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to share your skin care regimen...


Seeking Proven Eczema Solution for 6 Month Old

N.S. asks from Washington DC

My 6 month old daughter has developed a terrible case of eczema over her arms, legs, trunk, and face. She is usually in good spirits, but scratches all day. I have ...



K.B. asks from Phoenix

I AM SOOOO DESPERATE FOR HELP!!! my son is 6 months old and has VERY sensitive skin. he screams most of the day, cant sleep other than 10 min at a time when he wears...


Is His Thrashing Around Normal?

S.B. asks from Phoenix

I am wondering if my son's arm movements are normal. He seems at times to thrash or flale(SP?) his arms around. It seems to come out of no where and he does not see...


Advice on Arbonne Products

J.N. asks from Phoenix

Hello Moms, My daughter has excema on her face and the only product that she was tolerating was Vanicream. Her doctor spoke of Arbonne Baby products and thought I...


Seeking Advise on How to Cure My Sons Eczema Naturally

J.R. asks from Philadelphia

I trying to find a way to treat my 4 year old sons eczema without having to use medications and/or over the counter creams. I have tried the lotions and all he does ...


My 3 Year Old Daughter Suffers from Extreme Eczema.

K.T. asks from Austin

She's had eczema since 3 months. We've tried everything any doctor instructs. Nothing has helped. I'm currently working with a chemist who is trying to formulate a pr...