Moms Groups: The First Years

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Increasing Participation in Our Moms Group

E.M. asks from Chicago

I am the president of a local Moms Club. The club encompasses a large geographical area and we have about 75 members. However, only a core group of about 20 regularly...


How Would You Handle This Mom at "Moms Group/mops" =>Sorry, Long

M.W. asks from St. Cloud

Hey Moms. I co-started a FREE Mom's Group with another lady a couple years ago. We run September through May with summers off. We've butt heads a few times on...


How Do Moms Do It?

A.S. asks from Norfolk

I'm wondering how moms do it?? I'm a SAHM of two, ages 2.5 years and 9 months. As like many in the area, my husband is in the military and gone frequently so I ofte...


Seeking Other Moms Tested for GBS (Group B Strep)

H.B. asks from Minneapolis

I Just learned that I tested positive for Group B strep, I've heard that as long as I get pennicillian during labor that the baby should be fine. Wanted to hear from ...


Seeking Mom's Group in Westside Petaluma Area

M.R. asks from San Francisco

Being a first time mom to be, I am clueless about how to find a mom's group in my area and also in desperate need of guidance and advice. I'd love to find a group of...


New to Group

J.C. asks from Dallas

Hello My name is J. this is my first time to post here.... I just found out yesterday the after 6 years on my current job i will now be a sahm... which is very scarey...


Older Moms and Younger Moms

L.T. asks from South Bend

I am doing some research for a college paper on older moms. Do they make better parents? If so, what makes them better? Are you a younger older moms intimida...


Ignored by Other Moms... What's up with That?!

S.T. asks from San Francisco

Ok, this is probally going to sound like I'm in highschool complaining I'm not popular but I am offended and don't really have someone to talk to it about. I have a ...


Seeking Moms

E.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Im 8 months prego and so far me and my husband spent alots money because he was fighting for the custody of his 7 years old daughter his lawyer cost $10.000 dollars a...


Are Most Moms like Me?

L.L. asks from Orlando

I am very loving w/my daughter. She is my world. Of course I have moments where I get frustrated with her or whatever and she gets in trouble. Or I may speak a little...