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Infantino Vs. Ergo Carrier

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms! I have a friend thats interested in getting a carrier. I told her that I've read and heard great things about the Ergo Carrier. She sent me an email to...


Seeking Moms Who Used a Sling

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I have asked several questions to this board and have received such great responses that I thought I would ask about the sling to get feedback from others that have t...


Baby Carriers or Slings?

C.G. asks from Chicago

Any advice on baby carriers for newborns and beyond six months? Feedback on pros/cons on brands like the ERGO, Baby Bjorn, Beco and Infantino backpack carrier would b...


What Do You Think/recommend - Moby Wrap, Sling, Etc?

H.M. asks from Denver

Hey everyone! I am expecting my 3rd at the moment. My two little ones are 3 and 4. I used a bejorn with both of them and it was fine, but a lot of moms I have talk...


Sling Baby Carriers

A.S. asks from Chicago

I'm wondering if any of you moms could recommend and/or give me some feedback on sling carriers you've used. We're expecting Baby #2 in the Spring, and I'm thinking a...


Baby Slings

M.H. asks from Orlando

i would like to know what you recommend for a baby sling. i want something for infants and something i can breastfeed in. i have a wrap sling now and it seems to big...


Baby Slings/Carriers

A.L. asks from Chicago

Hi mommies! I need some advice about a baby carrier. I have a 5 week old son. I am looking into either a baby bjorn type carrier or a sling. Is one better than...


Tummy Time Mats

M.P. asks from Chicago

I want to purchase a tummy time play mat for my three month old daughter but man, they seem to range from doable to wicked expensive....any advice or recommendations?...


Baby Slings and Wraps

M.G. asks from Chicago

My daughter is almost 3 months old and I would like a sling or wrap to carry her. I have just started looking and there so many types and brands. What do you recommend?


A Case of the Mommies

H.V. asks from Tucson

HELP!!! I'm a stay home mom of an exclusively breast fed healthy 11 month old little girl. Lately, the last week or two, she has been driving me crazy with insecurity...