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Updated on June 04, 2010
C.C. asks from Hollywood, FL
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I recently put a request to find mommy and me groups in my area and came up with this idea. Since it's not easy to find groups in the area, I was thinking of starting my own group. If there are any moms out there in the Pembroke Pines or Miramar area, with an infant 12 mths or under(I would like children close to my daughter's age)and would be interested in a moms group, this is what I was thinking.....a small group of mothers and their child/children gather once every two weeks(or whatever is best for everyone) at one of the mom's house (rotating from house to house each gathering). Each mom brings a snack, the kids can watch baby einstein, do tummy time or whatever they are feeling to do while the moms can share stories, experiences, recipes, etc. We can all meet somewhere public(ie. one of the restaurants at pembroke gardens)for the first time to make sure that there are no dangerous predators among the group and we are all comfortable with the people in the group to come to our homes. Please respond if you would be interested.

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You should contact Holistic Moms Network of Broward County!

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Hi C.!

I'm the president of the MOMS Club of Pembroke Pines South/Miramar and I thought you would be interested in our club just in case you don't have any success in starting a group of your own. We are a part of the Intl Moms Club, You may have seen references to it in the Broward Family Life Magazines and South Florida Parenting Magazines. We are in the final stages of linking our website to the main website so I hope the other website is helpful. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact our Membership VP, Gitte Torres, at are a great group of about 37 women at the moment and I've been in the club myself for about 6 years now. I love it and I've made so many new friends. We also have some moms with younger children, under 1 year old as well. I hope this helps you! Love, C. Arocha

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i just wanted to let you know there is a "pembroke pines mommy group" already made on MEETUP.COM if you want to check it out and join.
just FYI :)

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I think there's a lot we can do to help our husbands feel loved again, in the wake of being "replaced" by the new baby. Yes, they do feel jealous and it's hard to suddenly have all the attention that once went to them, go to the baby.
BUT...the work is not all ours to do. Dad must take some responsibility for the changes that have taken place and show some love and compassion for the huge toll it takes on Mom's life!
It goes both ways! Time to grow up Daddy! Your life has changed. Having kids means some sacrifice! But w/ proper communication and compromises...everyone can still be happy and fulfilled...It does take some effort though...on EVERYONE"S part!
N. Zigel LCSW



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I see that you posted this question 2 years ago but found it through an internet search trying to find out how to start a kids playgroup. I feel as though I could have written your question myself because this is exactly what I'm lookinig for; a group of moms in this area (I live in West Miramar) who would like to rotate playgroups at each others homes. My son is 23 months old and I am a SAHM who would like him to socialize with other children his age and where I can meet some wonderful moms. Are you currently involved with a playgroup? Or perhaps still interested in starting one? Thank you for any response you can provide me with.

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