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B.S. asks from Philadelphia

I want to get in shape after not losing my baby weight. I'd like to lose over 20 pounds and get in shape. Has anyone had any experience with Curves? Any success stori...


Curves Workout

K.W. asks from Cedar Rapids

Hello! I'm wondering if any of you have joined a Curves gym and, if so, what you thought of it. They have a very good deal on membership at my local branch, their h...


Curves Work for You?

T.M. asks from Dayton

I've once again decided it's time to do something about my weight. I used to be thin and trim without trying, was very active in sports, aerobics, etc. Then kids came...


Curves Question and Other Gym Question

J.L. asks from Chicago

I just joined curves for their $30 for 30 days promotion study and am not convinced yet that this is right for me. I am not sure that I will see results where I need...


Looking for a Mom Group in Plymouth Meeting

D.H. asks from Philadelphia

Hello, I am very new to the area, and am well lonely! I haven't met many moms out here. Although I have 2 children in school. I was looking for a group of moms that g...


Need a Mom's Group in the Carrollton/Plano Area for Working Mom's

S.F. asks from Dallas

I am near the end of my divorce, and lonliness is setting in. I have lots of friends and family, but they are all happily married with familes of their own. Everyon...


Question to Moms That Assisted Their Infants to Sleep

E.G. asks from Chicago

Moms who did not do "cry it out" or "Ferber method" (or some form of sleep training) with their infants- 1. Are you happy with your decision? 2. On most occasions...


Seeking Moms Who Love Their Post-baby Bodies for Magazine Article

K.W. asks from New York

Hi, I'm working on an article about women who LOVE their post-baby bodies. Maybe you love the extra curves, maybe having a baby inspired you to get into better sha...


Seeking Moms in Clarksville Tn Area for Weight Loss Support

T.C. asks from Clarksville

After reading responses from women whom also suffer from weight gain and the ability to lose very unwanted pounds. A support group would be a great source. In 2001 ...


Weight Loss Memberships

N.B. asks from Detroit

I want to join a gym this summer but I'm wondering where would be best. I've contacted both Bally's and Curves and wanted to know if any moms have experience with eit...