Moms' Group on the East Side?

Updated on May 27, 2008
E.T. asks from Cleveland, OH
4 answers

i'm looking for a moms' group of some sort on the east side. my son is 6 weeks old, and i'm officially stir crazy! i need to get out of this house!

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answers from Cleveland on

Hi E.,
I am a mom of 2. Step son Tyler who is 9 and my daughter Faith who just turned 2 last week. Where do you live? I am an east-sider....Willoughby.

How is the new baby?




answers from Cleveland on

Hi E.,

I am not exaclty sure what east side means, but there are tons of mom groups out there.

One very nice one is at the Heights Parent Center in Cleveland Heights. They have all kind of drop-ins (check their home page On Wednesdays they have a free moms group for children 0-12 months from 9.30am to 11.30am.

Their are others out there, most of them are in conjunction with breastfeeding, but they are good too, let me know where and what you are looking for and I might be able to give you a bunch more info.




answers from Cleveland on

i don't know if you are still looking for a mom's group but i just started one on yahoo groups called mommiesandbabiesgroup
if you know of anyone that would like to join, let them know:)



answers from Cleveland on

A MOMS club of Twinsburg is just getting started. You can google MOMS club and your city and see what comes up. try also playgroups, mom and tot, and other google searches. Good luck!

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