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17 And 18 Year Old Children

L.F. asks from Sioux Falls

I am so frustrated! Last week my son graduated from high school. I told him three house rules need to be followed. Rule 1 - call or text us if he is not coming home a...


Seeking Moms with 17Yrs Olds That Are Not Willing to Go by Your Rules.

D.K. asks from Los Angeles

I would like to get help in getting my 17yr back on track. He has become defiant,rude,not wanting to do any shores and even refuses to find a summer job. He has even ...


Unclean House Has Husband Asking for Divorce

K.W. asks from Bakersfield

My house is a pigsty, this is not news to me. I'm working (slowly and inconsistently) with the FlyLady concepts. It works wonders when I do it. However, I always seem...


My Newly Graduated 18 Year Old Stays Out All Night Long.

D.D. asks from Providence

My 18 year old thinks he should be able to stay out all night without letting me know where he is. He does have a job and will be attending a local college near by an...


How to Deal with 18 Year Old Daughter

M.G. asks from Kalamazoo

She lives at home. Refuse to pay any rent or to help around the House. When i try to talk to her she gets an attitude with me. HELP


18 Year Old Son Wants His Freedom...

L.J. asks from Atlanta

We have a son (H/S senior) who will turn 18 next month (June). He is an excellent student (Honors/Gifted) who earned money to pay for half of his own car, pays his ca...


18 Year Old Son Advise to Make Right Choices

J.M. asks from Flagstaff

My son just turned 18 and though he is the oldest, once upon a time he was the only sibling now he has a brother and sister. He has always been spoiled. and though ...


Curfew for Teenagers...what Time Do You Have in Your Home?

P.F. asks from Las Vegas

This is for those of you moms who have older children and have or are facing what curfew you have for your teenagers. We are the parents of 4 children...our oldest h...


How to Deal with an Irresponsible 18 Year Old ?

J.R. asks from Los Angeles

He doesn't want us involved with his freedom or choices he makes but then again we need to solve his problems.


18 Year Old Son Has 48 Hours to Get Out.

M.C. asks from New York

I am venting mostly- I have had to do the hardest thing ever, kick my 18 year old son out. He is a father, so that makes this really hard. Even though his son mos...