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Don't Know What to Do About Soon to Be 18 Year Old Son

K.R. asks from Washington DC

My son will turn 18 in November and I really don't know if I want him to stay in my house anymore. He decided he did not want to go to college but is working about 30 ...


18 Year Old Daughter Out of Control

T.P. asks from Parkersburg

My daughter has completely changed into a person I do not know. She has always been a hand full, but since turning 18 she has completely went down hill. She lies on me...


My 18 Year Old Daughter Moved in with Her Boyfriend

S.H. asks from Washington DC

.Our daughter moved in with her boyfriend. She was still going to college - not sure if she will finish this semester. We helped buy a car for her with the agreement...


Fair Curfew

S.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Ladies, Here is my problem. My 18yod has just started college and living at home. We have given her a midnight cerfew(which for the most part she meets). On ...


The 18 Year Old !? Do I Just Say Clean up or Move Out on a Set Date?

S.S. asks from San Diego

I'm worried that he will not take it serious or is that just the risk I have to wait for? It really never gets easy does it?


Step Parenting - I Need a Boost of Confidence!

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, Just wondering if anyone out there is a step parent and ever feels like they just can't do it anymore? The disrespect, the exclusion, the "ex". One of my t...


Looking for Some Advise to Help Me with a Older Child.......

D.B. asks from Cumberland

My 18 year old daughter who is still living at home has become rebellious and refuses to listen to anything her father or I try to tell her. She won't do anything to h...


Step Kids Are Disrespectful and Husband Is Unwilling to Punish Them.

R.S. asks from Las Vegas

We have been married and living together 15 days. We jumped into the marriage very quickly because we felt the relationship right so I am really just now getting to me...


19 Year Old Finding Herself

S.O. asks from Fayetteville

Our 19 year old daughter lives at home and goes to college. Which we are paying the bill. While living at home we ask what we feel like a simple rules(maybe a bit old ...


"Seeking Moms"

D.W. asks from Bakersfield

My daughter is 16 and is 7 months pregnant. Her boyfriend will be turning 18 in the next week. His parents are kicking him out and he wants to move in. I have agreed t...