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A Soon to Be 18 Year Old Highschool Daughter

B.B. asks from Lake Charles

my daughter will be 18 next month and im concerned she wants to move out with her boyfriend,she is a senior in highschool and we are having trouble with rules i worry...


18 Year Old Daughter

A.M. asks from Columbus

Hi, My 18 year old daughter is sleeping overnight with a boyfriend. I have told her that this is not acceptable to me and that it is definetly not ladylike. She t...


18 Year Old Out of Control!

D.B. asks from Dothan

I have an 18 year old daughter. She is in 11th grade, she works part time after school. She has no respect for me or my husband (her step dad). I constantly am doing ...


Update on 18 Year Old Daughter Who Moved Out

A.W. asks from Atlanta

Just wanted to update on the situation with my daughter who turned 18 on Saturday and moved out on Tues. and in with her boyfriend and his family. I can't figure out ...


18 Year Old Causing Me Tons of Grief

M.H. asks from Lexington

Okay I have no idea where to start on this subject.....actually I have no idea who this person is that has taken over my daughters body, but its not the respectful yo...


Advice on Grown Kids Living at Home

T.B. asks from Grand Junction

My husband & I were supposed to have an 'empty nest' right now. However, our daughter, who will be 23 in Nov, was told by her boyfriend of almost 4 yrs, that he wante...


Curfew and Consequence for 18 Year Old High School Girl

L.N. asks from Anchorage

My daughter just turned 18 on 12/20, and since, she has stayed overnight twice at her boyfriends house even though I have given her a 1am curfew. And she has yet to ...


Help for a Mom of a Unruly 18 Year Old Daughter

N.L. asks from San Diego

Hello to all you mommas out there. I have an 18 year old daughter who is 2 months from turning 19. Since elementary school and up until high school, she was a scholar...


18 Year Old Daughter Still in High School

R.W. asks from Cleveland

I have a daughter who is still living at home. She is 18 years old and a senior at High School. We support her financially. She has a Part time job. She feels she ...


Advice on How to Deal with an 18 Yr Old Living at Home

A.B. asks from Dayton

My oldest daughter is 18 and will be graduating high school in a couple weeks. My husband and I feel she should still have to follow the house rules if she's going to...