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Super Walmart or Super Target??

E.B. asks from Seattle

We have had a Super walmart in my area for awhile. I am not a rock solid fan of the mega store. But it has come in handy when I cant afford to hit up our Fred meyer...


Do You Think Groceries at (Super) Target Are Expensive?

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, we've been mostly using Target and super Target for our groceries (as well as other necessities like toilet paper) - it's been convenient, but we're starting to w...


Things to Pack for Delivery.. Help..

I.R. asks from New York

what are the things i nedd to pack for my delivery...? for the baby and me n also for my husband..? im a new mom to be,.. kinda need some help.. thanks alot..;)


Advice for Labor Preperation

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I'm preparing a bag for my daughter's shower that I would like to fill with things for her to take to the hospital. I would like to fill it with item for her that wo...


Non-Medicated Delivery with Induction

C.S. asks from Dallas

I am currently a week and one day past my estimated due date with my first baby and have already been told by the doctor that the baby will be a healthy size (he was ...


Birth Plan and What to Have Ready to Take to the Hospital for the Delivery

P.P. asks from Dallas

What to take??? I'm seven months along and I have to still get a backpack ready with all the stuff I will need during my stay at the hospital. this is my second baby ...


The Bag You Bring to the Hospital When You Go into Labor, What Should Be Added?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My only daughter is having her first baby in a few weeks and for her baby shower I would like to give her the bag she will be taking with her to the hospital when she...


Sisters Delivery

E.M. asks from Los Angeles

My sister gave birth to her second child this weekend and my brother in law did not want me to be in the delivery room for the second time. she is my only sister and ...


What Does One Wear to a Labor Anyway? Must I Wear Hospital Garb?

S.M. asks from Greensboro

I have heard that I can wear my own nightgown or oversized shirt instead of the hospital patient "uniform" I'll be given when I "check in" to Women's. But what should...


When Will Labor Begin?

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I went to my 36 week appt last week and the doctor saw that I was dilated 3 cm and 80% effaced. She was very surprised since this is my first pregnancy and I wasn't d...