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Natural Birth

L.L. asks from Benton Harbor

Looking for tips and encouragement for a natural birth experiance with my second child. I had an epidural with my 1st which went fine but I am really interested in n...


Gripe Water?

R.S. asks from Provo

My ten day old son gets the hiccups ALL the time. I burp and burp and burp to no avail. He is also having some gas. I've heard gripe water is fantastic. Is he too...


Gripe Water

C.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone, My daughter just had baby 3 wks ago and he is now colicky. She went on the internet and saw a thing about gripe water that helps babies w/ colic. Has a...


Home Birth Mamas? Any Suggestions?

T.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! I am one month away from my due date, and looking forward to our home birth. Please share with me your experiences, and give me any advice you have that m...


Has Anyone Ever Had Their Water Break on Its Own?

T.S. asks from Chicago

I don't know anyone in my circle of friends that has had their water break on its own. I was wondering if any of you have had it break and what it was like. My wate...


Fabric Drawing Pad with Water Pens

D.L. asks from Janesville-Beloit

I just saw this toy at Target today. http://justb-byou.com/toys/creative/h2-whoa/ I thought it was kind of neat. Then I thought, “Could I make this myself?” A...


Water Breaking Preparation

K.P. asks from Roanoke

So this is my first pregnancy and I'm wondering about the whole water breaking thing. I know sometimes this doesn't happen until women reach the hospital. However, so...


January Birthday

M.M. asks from Chicago

My son will be turning six on January 18th. Every year, he gets a ton of gifts for Christmas and his birthday. There are so many of them that I think he's kind of ove...


Birthday in Afghanistan :(

D.C. asks from Honolulu

Okay, so this is our first deployment and my husband will be turning the big 25 in June while he is away. Any good ideas for a birthday care package??


1St Birthday

N.F. asks from Seattle

My son's first birthday is May 9th and I do not know where to start on planning his 1st Birthday Party. The only thing that I have figured out is we're doing SpongeBo...