Heart Burn: Infant

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Heart Burn

K.S. asks from Columbus

I'm 30 weeks on my second baby. I'm just starting to get the heartburn. My doctor says that, of course, I can use Tums. But, last time the taste was bad. I was ab...


Heartburn During Pregnancy? UPDATED

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Did you have heartburn during pregnancy? How early did it start?


8 Months Pregnant Getting Awful Heart Burn

N.C. asks from Seattle

Need remedies for heart burn. Taking rolaids, anit acid tabs but can't get rid of it. Get hip cups and then it gets worse.


Natural Remedies for Heartburn

C.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hey mamas, I will be 30 weeks along as of Wednesday and have recently developed extremely painful heartburn. My doctor gave me a prescription for a heartburn medica...


Heartburn What Is the Best Thing to Do with It?

B.R. asks from Dayton

DOes any mom out there have problems with heartburn while pregnant? i have it frequently and would like to know if any mom out there has any advice for me? and what i...


I Have Really Bad Heartburn

D.P. asks from Chicago

Hey ladies, I am almost 16 weeks pregnant (on tuesday) and I have wicked heartburn. I know all the advice like eat smaller meals more often and avoiding...


Does Heartburn Really Mean Baby Will Have Hair?

M.B. asks from Orlando

Everytime I tell someone about my horrible heartburn they say "oh shes going to have a lot of hair!" when I was pregnant with my son I didn't get heartburn like I am ...


Pregnancy HEARTBURN - Aaaaaaccccchhhhhkkkkkk

C.J. asks from Dallas

7.5 months pregnant. Breech baby boy. He's under my ribs. Completely verticle. I'm not sleeping. I'm LIVING on tums. I'm eating small meals. Not drinking with my mea...


Heart Burn at 29 Weeks

M.V. asks from Dallas

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and have severe heart burn. I've taken everything but nothing seems to help... Tums, Mylanta, Papaya Enzyme etc. I talked to my doctor and he ...


Heartburn or Teething?

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

My son is almost 7 months old and just this week he has started to be fussy when I feed him. He doesn’t want to lay flat to sleep and has had hour and a half long ...