Heart Burn at 29 Weeks

Updated on May 24, 2013
M.V. asks from Carrollton, TX
6 answers

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and have severe heart burn. I've taken everything but nothing seems to help... Tums, Mylanta, Papaya Enzyme etc. I talked to my doctor and he gave me a prescription but I looked it up and we think its to much for the baby. I'm not a big fan of taking medications while pregnant.. Looking for a natural way.

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answers from Toledo on

My mom and I both had really bad heartburn throughout our pregnancies. It sucked!!! Personally, I opted for the prescription drugs (40 mg/day of Pepcid).

I found eating a small amount throughout the day helped. Lots of crackers and pretzels. My mom said celery helped her.

I understand your wanting to find a more natural remedy, but if your OB wrote you a prescription, it IS safe for baby! I really don't see how there's an up-side to being miserable. Especially when such an easy answer is right in front of you.

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answers from New York on

I had heartburn so severe with both my pregnancies I was throwing up more in the third trimester than the first. With baby number one, I was afraid to take meds, but by my second pregnancy I was desperate to be able to sleep. Even extra strength otc pepcid wasnt enough. I got a scrip for Prevacid, and I consulted two gastroenterologists to be sure. I also asked the pharmacist and she said its the same drug they give infants with reflux. I started taking it and it was like a new person. I realized how crazy it was to suffer for nothing. If you are prone to pregnancy heartburn, it's only going to get worse, and its only partly affected by what you eat.

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answers from Chicago on

With baby #3 my heartburn was so severe that I was "sleeping" at a 45' angle. Some nights I would just stay awake writhing in pain. My husband gave me some Protonix samples, and that is the ONLY way I was able to get any sleep.

None of the natural remedies my friends recommended to me made a dent in the pain, only Protonix did. It is a prescription/

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answers from Tampa on

I agree with ziggy! I had such horrible heartburn with my 2nd that I had no choice but medicine. Even with it I still had to sleep sitting up. I took something called protonix(sp) it helped more then just tums. Congrats on the baby

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answers from Dallas on

Things that helped me:
-Plain yogurt. Eat a few spoonfuls after you eat. My doctor gave me that tip. Don't use sugary, flavored kinds. Just plain yogurt, with live active cultures.
-My heartburn was always worse, if I didn't dink enough water that day. Make sure you aren't dehydrated and are getting enough water.
-Not sleeping or laying right after I ate. Making sure I was propped up after.
-Honestly, just avoiding foods that cause heartburn. Fatty, fried, super processed, spicy.

I also read online that chewing gum after you eat creates saliva, and relieves the heartburn. I never tried it, because I don't like gum. I have a friend who swore by drinking baking soda and water. I couldn't stomach it, though.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Mine was terrible but Tums helped. I also got a wedge pillow so I could sleep propped up. Like this one http://www.amazon.com/Sleep-Better-Bed-Wedge-Pillow/dp/B0... I now use it for the kids if they have stuffy noses or a cough, they get to sleep on it.

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