Heartburn Out of the Blue

Updated on January 18, 2012
H.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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So I am getting closer to my thirties and I have never had heartburn before until just recently like a week ago at most and it is kicking my butt. Not only does my upper stomach hurt but my upper back is killing me. I have tried malox, and other heartburn relief suggestions with no help...anyone have one that works for them...I am ready to try just about anything to get this pain away.

For those of you who suffer from heartburn frequently I feel for you!

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So What Happened?

I ended up going into ER last night as my BP was fairly high...they didn't see anything alarming after Chest x-ray and EKG, etc. But did agree that my pain was there since my BP was up. They diag. me with A-typical chest pain, they gave me some GERD medicine and strict orders to come back pending any other symptoms come into play.

Thanks everyone

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answers from Wausau on

I'd make a Doc. appt. It could very well be acid reflux which in my case lead to gall stones, which eventually lead to me having to have my gallbladder removed. Also in the process they did a scope down my throat and also found I had a esophugial tear in my esophugus (SP?) worst case scenerio of you go to the Doc. they can write you an RX for omperozole hich is wayyyy cheaper (at least for me) than buying Pepcid from the store. You def. wanted to get this documemted just in case it could be something else.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would make a doc appt. It may not just be plain heartburn. It could be acid reflux. A doc can check it out and if you have it there are several good medications on the market he can prescribe. At least give it a shot to rule it out. Good Luck!

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answers from Appleton on

is it your right shouldblade area? Could be gallstones/gallbladder attacks--had them for YEARS but very sporadically, thinking it was just heartburn. gallbladder out, no more "heartburnt" There are some natural remedies, but they did not sound like anything I'd be able to accomplish with my lifestyle and tastebuds!

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answers from Lexington on

I got it so badly I occasionally woke up after I inhaled a bit, and I'd be coughing violently... OMG! I could see me dying a very unpleasant death by pneumonia. I had extra-strength TUMS by my bedside, Tums in my pockets, Tums in my car...

Doctors told me what I actually needed was Digestive enzymes... we produce less as we age. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, to need MORE help digesting when it seems we have too much acid already!

BUT, that turned out to be wrong (for me) as well! Turned out I really needed to change my diet as I'd become sensitive to some foods. I cannot eat gluten or cow dairy. My older daughter cannot any grains (or cow dairy). The problem with gluten is becoming increasingly prevalent in older people (ie adults - it used to manifest more in childhood.) Our wheat today is very genetically different than wheat of even 50 years ago (in order to withstand disease and ensure a more steady wheat supply to our burgeoning population, they've spliced in genes from other species).

So, if it were me, I think I would first try some really good digestive enzymes alone, with perhaps some good probiotics (may as well). We (and our doctor) like the product called "Digestzymes" by "designs for health." Then, I might get IgG (blood) tested for food sensitivities, or simply eliminate the "big 4" - gluten (or all grains), dairy, soy, and eggs for a month and see how you feel. If you feel better, then every two weeks add back 1 thing.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I had NEVER had it either, until about 2 years ago. I am 43. I didn't even have it with my pregnancies. When it did finally hit me one day out of the blue, I thought I was having a heart attack it was that severe.

I did go see the doctor to make sure. He told me Prilosec daily for 8 weeks. That seemed to take care of it. But it is NOT a quick-fix thing. It is a proton pump inhibitor, which means that the medication inhibits the acid producing "pumps" in your gut to not produce as much... so it takes a few days before you get real relief.
My back hurt so bad... :( It was awful. Later, when symptoms would start back on occasion, I realized that I had been having mild symptoms off and on for a while and just didn't recognize them for what they were.
I'm not really sure what brings it on for me, it isn't spicy food. I do know that mint has on occasion, been the culprit, and my doc told me that mint does it for a lot of people. So stay away from that.
Hope you feel better soon.

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answers from Minneapolis on

you need to go see your dr asap!! this onset of heartburn with back pain is an indication of heart problems.please do not hesitate.this happened to a very close friend of mine-she put it off and her heart exploded.didnt know what hit her.died instantly.please go to the dr.today or to the er.good luck



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

The quickest and most effective resolution for heartburn I have found is so simple. A teaspoon or two of table salt dissolved in an few ounces of tap water. Drink it quickly and you'll start to feel relief within minutes!



answers from Rapid City on

I am surprised they didn't check your gallstone. Go to your regular doctor and tell him the symptons.



answers from Lincoln on

I have had similar symptoms many times. If Pepcid AC doesn't work, try Gas X. Sometimes that pain in the back is trapped gas. Also, even though you don't feel like it, MOVE - exercise, walk, clean house. That helps it go away, and eat small and be careful not to eat anything that will aggrivate it until it is gone for sure. I wouldn't worry about it being serious unless you have a family history of early heart disease. For me, the symptoms are an alarm that means I have gained a pound or two, and that it's time to get off the feed bag and move! I am not overweight, but if I gain just 1 or 2 pounds above my maximum normal weight range, I'm in trouble! My body simply won't allow me to become overweight (as hard as try : ), so at least it keeps me honest!



answers from Provo on

I had a diseased gall bladder and the worst symptom was the upper back pain. I was pregnant at the time and the doctor just kept telling me it was heartburn. I'd never had heartburn before so I trusted him, but antacids only worked a little. Eventually I was vomiting nonstop and couldn't function because of the upper back pain. Went to ER and the doctor did an ultrasound. From that he was able to tell that I had several gall stones, caused by a diseased gall bladder that would continue making gall stones unless it was removed. One tiny stone blocking a passageway can be extremely painful. Get to the doctor.


answers from Washington DC on


It might not be just plain heart burn - it could be acid reflux which for my gf, Lori, simulates the signs of a heart attack - severe chest pain, tightness, etc.

I would make an appointment with my primary care physician and see if they want to refer you to a gastrointestinal doctor (to do an Upper GI) and a dietitian.

You might have an ulcer. There are sooo many variables. Please make a doctors appointment.

I use Tums for my heart burn.

I have also learned that even though I love tomatoes, they don't love me. Diet will really affect your insides. If you have had more drinks (alcohol and carbonated) lately than usual - your body is reacting.




answers from Minneapolis on

The didn't do ultrasound in the ER, did they?
Nether they did on my first trip to ER, so they didn't find anything wrong with me either the first time.

What alarms me is what you describe as a back pain.

Here is a quote from the gallstones symptoms:

"The pain may:
Start suddenly in the center of the upper belly (epigastric area) and spread to the right upper back or shoulder blade area. It is usually hard to get comfortable."
And here is a full link:

The only way to positively confirm that is to do a gallbladder ultrasound.

They only caught that on my second trip to ER when I was wheeled in with a pancreatitis. 4 doctors before that told me - heartburn, or blood pressure, or that the pregnancy was causing it or just a random chest pain from inflammation, but mostly all said heartburn - without even doing any tests. Well they all were wrong.

I think: chest pain, back pain, heartburn medicine does not help - this is not heartburn.
Especially if this will suddenly occur again, like chest pain spells, off an on, with a week or a month intervals, or even as rare as several times a year.

Don't let doctors intimidate you by telling you it's heartburn, when they don't want to trust your symptoms and do a test. They kind of assume people exaggerate pain and also they tell you the symptoms may vary. Don't listen to that.
There is a definitive reason for you pain, and they just did not find it.

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