Heartburn During Pregnancy? UPDATED

Updated on February 25, 2011
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
13 answers

Did you have heartburn during pregnancy?

How early did it start?

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So What Happened?

LOL... so many assumptions that I'm pregnant!

I'm not, at least as far as I know... I did have heartburn with my son, but I can't remember how early it started. I am asking because I have horrible heartburn today, and I NEVER get heartburn. I didn't eat or drink ANYTHING out of the ordinary, just my usual morning coffee, and a yogurt.

I am not on bc, and we did have relations once close to my ovulation time, so there is a possibility... I wouldn't even be thinking anything because I do believe it's a longshot, but this out-of-nowhere heartburn has me wondering... no other symptoms... with my son, by this time, I had intense breast tenderness, so much so that I KNEW I had to be pregnant... nothing like that right now... period is due tomorrow... I'm sure I'm not...

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answers from Richmond on

From day one until birth day. With all 3 pregnancies. HELLOOO TUMS.

And just to squash that old wives tale, all 3 of my kiddos were born bald as q-balls!! ;)

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answers from Albany on

Holy Wicked Heartburn with all three! Tums was my best friend!
Bleck, don't miss that!


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answers from Philadelphia on

I had very bad heartburn with all 3 pregnancies, beginning around the end of the first trimester. It seemed to help me to sleep with my torso elevated a bit. It was really horrible though.

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answers from Kansas City on

I didnt, but my husband has heartburn really bad. You can help it by not eating anything too acidic (citrus fruits, tomatoes, etc). Chocolate and anything too high in fat and grease can also set it off in some people. He also sleeps on a wedge pillow, which helps. It also helps some people to drink ginger tea.

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answers from Bellingham on

I have always had heartburn. When I got pregnant, it was awful!!! And I didn't know that the first 3 months of pregnancy that I couldn't take anything but tums and milk. After the 1st trimester my ob said I could take Zantac... It lessened my heartburn, but didn't fully go away. Drinking the lowest fat milk u can will help too. Whole milk can worsen heartburn bc of the high fat content. Good luck!!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Yes- about 24 weeks. Not all the time but if I eat too late at night and lay down on the couch or if I go TOO long without eating while at work....then it happens.

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answers from Atlanta on

Oh YES! It was terrible. I didn't have it much in my second pregnancy, but with my first it started around the 5th month and plagued me mercilessly until I delivered. I've luckily never suffered from it when not pregnant, and it just threw me for a loop! My husband has terrible heartburn and gastric reflux, and I came to understand just how awful it is. I should have bought stock in Tums! At least I was eating the calcium ones, so I felt like it was somewhat helpful, but the Tums only did so much.

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answers from Raleigh on

Mine started almost immediately with my first son and has been there since day 1 of this pregnancy as well. Grant it, I have Barrett's Esophagus (a disease where I more or less have constant heartburn), but I didn't know that when I had my son. You can take Tums, Pepid AC, and Prevacid if need be. I would suggest starting with Tums (the least amount of medicine) and talk to your doctor about how you will need to go up. I know that by the end of this pregnancy (if it is anything like my first), I will be taking 2 Prevacids a day. Hope this helps and good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

yes, and it came on fairly early. I was miserable an nothing helped.
Since I became a Shaklee distributor, a friend of mine who teaches birthing classes told me that Shaklee's chewable Cal-Mag works wonders for it. She sends me lots of business from the class. I wish I had known about it.

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answers from Norfolk on

I lived on Tums when I was pregnant. And I never heard of that thing about heartburn and hair on the baby till after he was born. He had a dark full head of hair 1 1/2 inches long at birth.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Actually, no. I never had heartburn with either of my pregnancies. At all. But, I did have a horrendous case of it about 2 years ago out of the blue one evening. My youngest child was 8 at the time, so it had NOTHING to do with pregnancy! haha

It was bizarre, really. None of the OTC stuff seemed to do much of anything and I was up half the night wondering if I was having a heart attack. Seriously. I went into the dr first thing next morning, and they wondered about gall bladder attack even.. turns out it was just heartburn. I felt ill for days, and even went back into the doctor's office for an EKG b/c I was certain that heartburn couldn't make me feel like I was feeling. I went on a daily regimen of Prilosec for about 2-3 months and the symptoms all went away. Then I would notice it start back up a little every once in a while when I would eat minty things. I found that eating anything mint (dipped chocolate mint oreos/girl scouts thin mints!!! ) made the burn start to return. So I'd go back on the Prilosec for a week or so. Then I started the Alternate Day Diet (which is essentially calorie reduction every other day- designed to reduce inflammation with a bonus of weight loss, that actually keeps you from stretching your stomach out really big) and the diet really seems to have made a long term difference. It helped me slim down and gave me energy, but the neat thing was that once I went on the ADD(Alt Day diet) for a few weeks, I was able to go back to eating even the minty stuff with no problems with heartburn. I've been pretty much Prilosec free for a year and a half now. :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Lived on Tums during my third trimester. I think the heartburn was related to a space occupying mass (fetus) causing pressure. I wouldn't think you would have it early on (have done absolutely no research on this hypothesis).

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answers from Bloomington on

OH YEAH! I can't remember when it started, but I never get heartburn outside of pregnancy. So, with my second, before I even missed my period, I knew because I had heartburn one night! Mine was worst when I was laying down. I would sleep with my upper body elevated with pillows, a bottle of Rolaids, and a bottle of water. I had Rolaids in my purse, car, and desk at school too!

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