Heart Burn: Infant

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Baby Gift

M.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hi everyone! My good friend is having her 3rd baby in June. She has a daughter (8) and a son (5). She's having another boy. She isn't having a baby shower but I w...


Depression with Baby

H.F. asks from Seattle

Can some please tell me if it's normal to be depressed about routines that your child gets you into. Is it normal to feel sheltered with a baby in your life and restr...


Mommy Burn Out

K.N. asks from St. Louis

I am a sahm of 3 small kids; ages 4, 2, and 3 months. My hubby has a demanding job but still seems to make time for himself (one night a week with his bachelor pals a...


Baby Wise????

A.G. asks from South Bend

Can anyone explain the principles with Baby Wise? I had someone suggest it for my 1 week old, to get him to sleep better. I looked online, but couldn't see much abo...


Baby Eczema

K.F. asks from Dallas

My five week-old has turned into an alligator! His face started breaking out last week, and I assumed it was baby acne. However, the rash on his face has made the ski...


Infant Gas Problem

A.P. asks from Oklahoma City

My little girl is now 3.5 weeks old and over the past week she has started having really bad gas fits in the evening. They get so bad that she will come off the brea...


I Hear My Heart Beat in My Left Ear

C.L. asks from Philadelphia

I can often hear my heartbeat in my left ear - usually when I bend down, carry something, go up the stairs, vacuum or whenever I get my heart rate up. I think it may ...


Infant Acid Reflux-to Medicate or Not

A.R. asks from Madison

Based on list of symptoms I'm sure my 1month old son as acid reflux. My older son had it and my baby reminds me a lot of him. He spits up almost every feeding, he is ...


Ideas for Baby Shower Gift

D.G. asks from Seattle

I am looking for ideas for the best baby shower gift for a friend who is having her first baby at the end of the month. Don't know if it is a boy or girl. Is it bette...


Help Infant Will Not Stay Asleep When I Lay Her Down.

D. asks from Dallas

Please help my 4 week old will not stay asleep when I lay her down. She sleeps fine as long as we hold her. She will not sit in her bouncer or swing she just screams ...