Pregnancy HEARTBURN - Aaaaaaccccchhhhhkkkkkk

Updated on August 24, 2011
C.J. asks from Frisco, TX
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7.5 months pregnant. Breech baby boy. He's under my ribs. Completely verticle. I'm not sleeping. I'm LIVING on tums. I'm eating small meals. Not drinking with my meals, but terribly thirsty in this 105 degree Texas heat so I HAVE to drink! I go through the maximum dose of tums by mid morning! I'm going to call my doctor for a Rx today, but does anyone have anything that worked for them? The heartburn wakes me up in the middle of the night even when I haven't eaten anything. Like right now, it woke me up at 3:45.
Also, what worked for this incredible thirst? I've heard coconut water - but I bought some & I hated the taste! The only thing that tastes good to me is sweet tea. I work in dentistry so I know it's killing my teeth!

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answers from Atlanta on

Blech - I'm right where you are and sleep is miserable... Sigh. Just visited my OB yesterday and they recommended over the counter Zantac if Tums doesn't do anything. They said start at 75mg twice a day and go up to 150mg twice a day if that doesn't cut it.

Hope it gets better soon!

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answers from Providence on

Zantac and Pepcid are a step up from Tums, and quite possibly would relieve your heartburn. Ginger tea is good, but sometimes will have the opposite affect. Elevating your bed, do not eat at least 3 hours before lying down, taking an extra calcium pill daily, avoid citrus/acidic foods, Manuka honey, apple cider vinegar, those are all helpful in diminishing heartburn.
I feel your pain. I had horrendous heartburn during the last three months of my pregnancy. I lived off of antacids, as well as Zantac. I tried all of the remedies, etc. Good luck hun! Hopefully you will find relief soon. As far as the old wives tale about heartburn and a baby having a head full of hair- it is true. My son was born with tons of hair-go figure.

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answers from Dallas on

I used to suffer from GERD now and then before pregnancy. By the end of my pregnancy I started to suffer from reflux again so, my OBY-GYN Prescribe me Prevacid.



answers from Chicago on

I remember those days. Thirsty all the time & that heartburn in the middle of the night. It was so bad one night I got on the Internet to find a cure that worked. CELERY lol!! I had some in the fridge, took a few bites & the heartburn went away.



answers from New York on

Try apples, pretzels and papaya... I've read all of those foods help. And at different times they have worked for me.

Also try to not lay down for like an hour or two after eating.



answers from Detroit on

My doctor ended up giving me Prilosec, which definitely helped. My heartburn was so bad I couldn't lay down and every sip of anything made me gag on acid. No fun! Nothing else helped me, and I tried everything! Drinking pickle juice, a tablespoon of hot sauce, milk, etc. etc. Good luck! Hope you get some relief soon.



answers from Washington DC on

Ginger-lemon tea - make sure it has real ginger in it not just flavorings. You can make it into iced tea too, but I liked it hot.


answers from Dallas on

I lived with heartburn for years before I got pregnant and it just got worse during my pregnancies. You have already received several great suggestions. A few more to the list. After it has started to flare up, if you can have a glass of milk, yogurt or pudding, it will help calm your throat and stomach. I had to sleep in the recliner or almost sitting up in bed at the end of my last pregnancy. I had twins. One was breech and the other was transverse (sideways). I could not breath either, but you do not have much longer. Congrats and good luck.


answers from Dallas on

Chewable calcium-magnesium. Shaklee's is the best.



answers from Houston on

The only thing that worked for me, was apple cider vinegar in a little water.



answers from Dallas on

My doctor told me to chew gum. It worked! I still do chew gum when I get heart burn. The extra saliva that it generates helps to speed up digestion. It also tastes better than antacids.



answers from Spartanburg on

My due date is Thursday...I feel your pain. It sounds like you need something stronger than tums. Heartburn gets worse at night BECAUSE you haven't eaten anything...your body is producing more acid b/c of pregnancy anyway and while you are sleeping you aren't giving the extra acid anything to digest. I usually eat some crackers or a banana when I wake up in the middle of the night...a little milk or soymilk (calcium) can go a long way too...I feel like all these helped me at least cut down on the tums or made the heartburn more tolerable, though nothing has completely gotten rid of it :) Papaya pills are a "natural" alt to tums and don't have a max dose, they are just as effective for me (again nothing stops it completely) but require a trip to the health food store.



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

When I was pregnant, I read that an apple would help heartburn. I tried it, and indeed it worked! Whenever it would get bad I would eat an apple, and it never failed...
Good luck...just a couple more months! :)


answers from Norfolk on

I lived on Tums so much I thought I should buy stock in the company.
I have to say I sometimes ignored the max dosage, but my doctor said that was ok.
Crystallized ginger or pickled ginger seemed to help my stomach.
There are several types of coconut water out there.
Some have fruit flavors added and some don't.
Some are sweetened with bits of coconut in them (I don't like those at all).
My favorite is Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water - you can buy it by the case on Amazon.
I drank a lot of Traditional Medicinals Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Pregnancy Tea hot or cold.
It has a minty taste and didn't upset my stomach.
He might be breech now but he still has plenty of time to turn.
When my son was born he had a full head of brown hair (over an inch long).
The nurses told me I must have had a very acid stomach (I did) but I don't know if that and/or all the Tums had anything to do with it.

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