Lungs Hurt, Any Idea?

Updated on December 22, 2012
K.C. asks from Boise, ID
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So I feel kinda silly for asking this, but here it goes. I am not sick, no cough, no runny nose, nothing. My husband and his daughter got the flu, body aches, sore throat, bad cough, slight fever, about 2 weeks ago and they both are better. They both did not get the flu shot, however myself and my 2 boys did, and we were ones who did not get sick, so hope it was from the flu shot. Well for last 3 days mu lungs hurt. It feels slightly tight and but I can breathe just fine, but they hurt when I do breathe, even when not breathing but more when breathing. It feels like when you run hard and then your lungs burn, that's the best I can describe. Its not a really bad burning, or pain, but its there and noticeable. It does not matter if I sit, run walk its there. I feel silly going to doctor with no cold symptoms, and have never felt this before, and keep hoping it will go away but here we are 3 days and its still here. So my question has any one experienced this before? Any ideas? Also I do not smoke, I have in past but stopped 3.5 years ago and never had signs of asthma before. Edit: I do have heart burn/reflux and I take prescription for it,and its not heartburn. Its in my lungs. When I breathe deep I can feel it more. Just weird cuz I am not sick. It feels like I just walked really briskly or jogged and its that burning sensation you get after. Its not bad but its there for sure.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the replies. I went to doc in the box since its the weekend. They did chest xray and it came back clear. Since i am not coughing doctor said when she listened to my lungs she heard slight wheezing, so.she thinks start of bronchial infection & she prescribed inhaler. I have so far done it once, and I still hurt, today has been worst i have felt. I will be doing inhaler again soon, it says 4 times a day and hope i feel better after that. Thanks again for replies. Happy holidays!

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answers from Miami on

But you DO have symptoms - you have pain. You need to get to the doctor and have this checked out. There is something called pleurisy. Here's a link:

You need to have this ruled out.

Good luck!!!

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answers from New York on

When I had pleurosy, it would hurt to breathe. When my lungs would expand, it felt like someone was hugging my chest too hard. Does it really hurt of just feel a little wierd? Go to the dr. if it concerns you.

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answers from Seattle on

That's how my lungs feel when I have walking pneumonia.

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answers from Honolulu on


Get properly diagnosed....

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answers from New York on

Ummmm....walking pneumonia!!? Bronchitis? Get yourself to the Dr. ASAP.

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answers from Dallas on

It kind of sounds like pleurisy. It can have a variety of causes. See your doc when you can. Take ibuprofen. If it suddenly gets worse call the doc. It can last a while.

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answers from Redding on

Sore lungs usually come with bronchial colds.
Flu shots cure or alleviate flu, colds still hurt your lungs.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Are you sure it is your lungs you feel, and not possibly reflux or heartburn?

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answers from Boston on

That is how it feels when I have bronchitis. Also, when I breathe in really deep not only does it hurt but it feels/sounds like little bubbles popping in my lungs.
I never had pneumonia but I imagine that feels even worse in terms of pain.
I call the nurses all the time and run symptoms by them. Sometimes they say see how you feel in a few days, and sometimes they say come in and sometimes they say "go to the ER right now". Call your doctor.

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answers from Washington DC on

Why are you assuming you're "not sick" just because your symptoms do not include fever, aches, etc.? Something is wrong. See a doctor today -- do not wait until after Christmas or you may end up in the emergency room ON Christmas. If you're of the camp where folks say "Oh, I don't want to go to the doctor and find out it was nothing and feel silly..." please GO anyway. Better to be told it's something minor than to leave something like pneumonia or another infection untreated. Even if it's "just" reflux -- why not get help rather than endure the pain?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

2 things-
reflux can definitely cause this with NO heartburn symptoms. THis once happened to me and I thought I was having a heart attack and it turns out it was the reflux.

I have known people to have no symptoms of pneumonia but still have it. Go to a med express place this morning. They have been my go-to place for stuff like this b/c you don't hav to wait for an appt and the wait time is much less than my docs. Get there first thing and they will take you right in. Yo just don't want this to get worse and be in the ER on Christmas.

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