Headache & Migraine: Toddler

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A.F. asks from Dallas

I have a really bad headache that tylenol, cafine, chocolate, or anything else besides sleep will ease. I don't what to do, I'm only 6 weeks along right now. My stoma...


Migraine & Stress

Y.C. asks from New York

Good morning ladies, sorry if I stumble in this question as the medicine just start to take effect. I had another migraine yesterday, it stared last night but it was...


Did You Have a Mirena Headache?

B.C. asks from Minneapolis

Sorry if this question is redundant. I know there are a lot of previous posts about Mirena but none that I saw that spoke specifically to headaches. I had the Mi...


I Have a Migraine and Tylenol Is Not Working

M.F. asks from Washington DC

Can I take excedrin migraine im 17 weeks pregnant and tylenol is not working


Migraine Suffers Please HELP!!!

P.A. asks from Los Angeles

Had a bizarre skiing accident and collided with a snow boarder. Long story cut shot, I fell on the back of my head and felt that I had the wind knocked out of me. Luc...


What to Do for Migraine When the Medicine Didn't Work?

Y.C. asks from New York

I am having a bad migraine, it stared last night but didn't want to take my medicine because it has caffeine and I can't sleep, finally I just went to sleep late but ...


Exercise Headache?!? Really?!?

K.C. asks from Las Vegas

All you mama's out there I am boggled and need to know if any of you get a headache or migraine after you workout? Its crazy and i have gotten migraines after exerci...


Headache and Face Tingiling

M.P. asks from Albuquerque

So I have had a headache off and on for the last 4 days along with naushea. On tuesday night I threw up and had diarrhea. Rested and slept all day on Wed. now I am ba...


Throbbing Headache - 3Rd Day, Help!

M.G. asks from Dallas

Hi moms, I believe I have had the flu. Today is day 3 of achy muscles, but much more debilitating, a throbbing headache. I avoid medicine whenever I can, which is w...


Tension Headache Relief Help Please!?

K.W. asks from Seattle

Hi everyone. :) I have had a headache every day since last Friday. I'm pretty sure it's tension because when I move my arms or neck, I hear and feel this popping, ...