Migraine with Aura

Updated on October 19, 2011
J.B. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
4 answers

Has anyone had a migraine with aura while pregnant?

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No I haven't BUT I gave my sister in law some absorbable calcium/magnesium and her aura went away in about 10 minutes and the migrane never developed. She has a 30 year history of migraines...I know it's hard to find the right thing when your pregnant. Hope this might be an option.

Congratulations on your little one!



answers from Boston on

I have had migraines since about 8th grade and always while I was pregnant. Tylenol does not help for me and they didnt get so bad that I thought I needed something really strong but they almost did and my ob did say they could prescribe something for me to take while pregnant if I really needed. They ended up getting better so I didnt need anything. If they are really bad talk to your dr there are things you can take that may help!



answers from Lake Charles on

Yep, every week just about.. the only thing that works for me is Stadol Nasal Spray, it's probably one of the only pain meds that's been shown to be okay during pregnancy... if they get too bad then sometimes I have to go to the ER (if I can't stop puking) and they've given me demerol.. mine have been worse since being pregnant..

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