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Updated on April 25, 2011
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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Good morning ladies, sorry if I stumble in this question as the medicine just start to take effect.
I had another migraine yesterday, it stared last night but it was tolerable, it did however made me wish that I would have stared write down when I get them so I could find why or at least I could bring my notes to the doctor.
I have read that many of you have migraine so I am hoping some body could share some info.

I don't really like to take medicine (I am not against but rather go natural if possible) so I went to sleep last night when I start to get a headache, it must keep bother me on my sleep because I wake up at 5am with much worst pain.
However I also notice my MIL was not only awake but doing a LOT of noise in her room, closing and open draws, and open and closing her bathroom, etc at 5am!
Normally this kind of things doesn't bother me but my head was hurting bad that any time she closed a draw it felt that some body put a nail on my head, I also worried that she was going to wake up my toddler and just thinking on my toddler crying and having to turn the lights, etc. got me even more stress and make my head worst.
Then I thought, BINGO, is stress what is target my migraine.
I have had migraines from many years, normally very sporadically (1 every 3 months) but all since my husband lost his job and we move here with my MIL they come more often (up to once a week sometimes).
Then he found a good job and my MIL was away for 2 moths and I don't recall getting migraines on those months.
Then she come back, and my mother got sick, this last one has really stress me the most, and now is not even being a week when I have 2 horrible migraines, this is the first time I get migraines so close.
I was all happy that at least I found out that is stress until I remember that the pain has being in 2 different places in my brain.
Last one was on my left and this one was on my right part (this one also stopped faster and didn't hurt my tummy)

Question for those that have migraines and that have make notes or remember.
Do you get migraines in the same part of the brain (left or right)? Can you recognize the difference of a migraine or sinus pain for example? Mine felt the same just different parts of the brain so wonder if they are just 2 different things or if possible migraines can hurt in both sides?

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So What Happened?

Jane, your last part made me laugh because is like you just saw me an hour ago, I was so stress for being stress, lol.

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answers from Kansas City on

i had one last week as well - then the next day on the news our weatherman said, "For those of you that have been suffering from migraines, some relief is coming up as the pressure changes..." don't know if that was coincidence but i bet not. i think, however, that mine are more tension headaches. mine start as a regular headache and then build, with more pressure than actual pain involved (although, plenty of pain too, just more pressure) if i don't lay down and close my eyes i will end up a sobbing mess, then vomit. but it isn't in one place, it's more like my entire head is in a vise. from what i read (last week, as i tried to figure it out), a true migraine is more in one specific area of the head, and like you the person becomes very sensitive to light and noise. of course, your doctor is the only one who knows for sure! hope you find some relief.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I to suffer from migraines. Just a hint: At times no matter what the type of headache I keep one bottle of water in the fridge, pull that out when I have a headache sit down and put it behind my neck ( like a neck roll) alot of times will help.
I do have other things I use like Excedrin migraine & Naproxyn.
My insurance doesn't pay for Imitrex or maxalt any more it's so expensive to pay out of pocket so I only use them in DIRE emergencies.

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answers from Boston on

Migraines can hurt on both sides. I primarily get them on my right, but sometimes on my left. It is hard to tell sometimes when something is a really bad headache vs. migraine.

I know you like to try to avoid medicine, but let me tell you, imetrex (sumatriptan) has been an absolute lifesaver. Without it, my migraines lasted for days, and I'd spend hours in the shower trying to get some relief. Now, when I'm sure its a migraine, I can take one and I am completely better in two hours. The only side effect that I've ever had is that I feel a teensy bit loopy and my face feels tingly for about 45 minutes.

Avoiding stress does help. But often things that stress us out are out of our control. To be worried about getting stressed out because that might trigger a migraine feels counterintuative.

Hope this helped!

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answers from Richmond on

My migraines feel like I have glass behind my left eye. That's how they feel when they're starting. If I immediately start drinking a ton of water, take some Excedrine migraine, turn the lights off, and try to rest, I'm usually okay. One of my huge triggers is not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, or eating really salty foods before bed. I ALWAYS get a migraine the day before/the day of/the day after the first day of my period.

Having been getting migraines for forever, I can definately tell the difference between a migraine and something else. The sensitivity to light is the worse.... followed by sound and then smell. I get so nauseous. UGH I hate even thinking about them!

When I had the Mirena IUD in, I was get 4 migraines a WEEK. The kind that totally takes me out of commission. MISERABLE!!

I hope you feel better... I'm glad you're seeing a doctor for this!!

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