Migraine with Seizure

Updated on December 06, 2012
M.T. asks from Antioch, TN
3 answers

Has anyone ever had that and do you know how long it usually or should last and what do you do to manage it. I am a bit concerned with a recent diagnosis of that.


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answers from New York on

I have migraine without seizures. In the past I have been prescribed seizure medication to control my migraines. So, I think that the seizure medications used to treat migrain without seizure would also be beneficial to some that has migraine with seizures. The med I tried is called Topamax.

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answers from Dallas on

I get Migraines alot without seizures . When I get them it usually last about 5days for me medications dont work for me so my head pounds really bad. I went to the dr and she gives me three shots in the butt and it helps with the pain and the next day I can still feel it like if I move fast, move just my eyes fast. I have been tested many of times and found out more and more that it has to do with my hormones. Many people say cool on the back of the neck or on the forehead will help but for me if I use a heat pack on hi heat in a dark quiet room that is what helps mine.

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answers from Portland on

What did the doctor say? My daughter has been diagnosed with migraines and has been given a prescription medication. However,she does not have seizures. I suggest that with seizures you need some specific medical assistance.

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