What to Do for Migraine When the Medicine Didn't Work?

Updated on April 23, 2011
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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I am having a bad migraine, it stared last night but didn't want to take my medicine because it has caffeine and I can't sleep, finally I just went to sleep late but when I wake up my migraine stared again.
I took Excedrin Migraine which always have work, I took it around 9am, the pain was less (a 6 from 1-10) but is slowly coming back up and now started to really bother me, is now 7pm
I can't take another one because it is already a high doses and I can't take anything until 24 hours (that what the package said) I tried to sleep but I couldn't
I am wonder if there is anything I can take/do, no medicine but something natural, or maybe medicine but that doesn't affect with the mix of Excedrin.
If nothing works I am thinking taking an sleep pill and go to sleep early, at this point I just want to make it to after 8pm so I can put the little one to sleep but my head is now hurting so much I even have pain on my stomach and my neck, and part of my shoulder =0(

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So What Happened?

Actually, I am thinking I should have gotten my period already but didn't, I really doubt I am pregnant but maybe is a connection of my miss period and this? I get migraine often but Excedrin has always work besides this time.
I took one Excedrin at 9am hoping it would be enough, but didn't so I took other one around 11 and it did kind of work (instead of lost of pain was a 6) and I went on my day. Around 4 stared to hurt more and more.
I think I am just going to have to trust my older daughter to put the baby to sleep tonight and take my pill.

***Thank you all, last nigh I just took a sleep pill and fall sleep and didn't saw all of your advice. Today I am feel fine again, but I will keep your advice for the next time, I like the sex one too, if I only could make my husband believe that when we travels for work LOL, just kidding. Thank you all***

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answers from Eugene on

I had a migraine this morning and saw a massage therapist who worked on my upper back, neck and head. First time I tried this and my migraine is gone!

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answers from Austin on

First of all I once had a migraine so bad, I wanted my husband to place a pillow over my face. It actually turned out to be Spinal Meningitis. So if it lasts more that 24 hours, you need to see a docctor ASAP.

You do realize migraines can lead to all sorts of serious physical problems? You can have stroke, you can have memory loss.

Have you actually been diagnosed? Is it documented? If so you need to see a neurologist so they can have a record of where you stand with your migraine. They will give you all of the information about life choices, diet and medications proven to help you not have migraines and the pain. Yes, many times, They will also suggest acupuncture, but it ill be under their care.

Migraines can become more intense as we mature. And more meds is not always the answer.

This is your health, your life.
If you are a mom you have responsibility to your children to be healthy.
Go and get medical care.

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answers from Columbia on

Oh honey, I feel for you. Migraines are the worst. You can usually safely take ibuprofen even if you have taken Excedrin because they have different active ingredients. That might help and also rubbings your ears. (Sounds weird, but rubbing and pulling your ears hits some pressure points that can ease pain.Don't just do the lobes, but even the upped parts for several minutes.)
I have to do shots and take prescription meds for migraines, but am really trying to avoid that as much as possible. I hope you feel better very soon and can get some rest.
Hang in there.

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answers from Sacramento on

My doctor says you can take double what the package says with Excedrin and you will be fine. (Unless you have liver problems - if so, maybe check with your doctor first.)

If that doesn't help, go to urgent care and have them write you a prescription for Zomig. That is what I take for my migraines. It will start to work in 15-20 minutes, and will provide complete relief.

I'm sorry you are having a migraine! I hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

really dark room and an ice pack on the nape of your neck at the bottom of your head. Ice for about 10 minutes off and on. It should at least make the pain bearable

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answers from Cleveland on

Did you take one excedrin or two? One will never do it for me, so I always take two at once. That usually holds me over when I have a terrible migraine like the one you are having.

Cold compresses and a head massage (ask your hubby) should also help a little bit. Hang in there.

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answers from Austin on

you could try excedrin pm to help you fall asleep.

Ive had migraines since i was 10 years old! i feel so bad for you, and wish you didn't have to go through this. and i understand the dilemma of taking meds at certain times because of the caffiene.

i have an emergency prx of tylenol 3 for the 'real bad ones' that i take if nothing else helps before bed, but otherwise ill take an excedrin PM and it helps me fall asleep.

also, ill try aromatherapy. 4 drops of lavendar to 5 drops of mint into a 10ml bottle (small) of vegetable oil. rub it on your temples, lobes and forehead. (which im sure you don't have like, on HAND right now... but if you think of it next time you're out, most stores have these oils in their natural hippie section, or wholefoods or something like that. or you can order them online!)

each migraine is different for me, too, so sometimes I need a cold pak and sometimes i need heat. but usually heat.
i forgot the name of those things with beans (?) in them that you heat up int he microwave?? but man those things kick a$$!!! sooooooooooo relaxing when I have a nasty migraine and cant fall asleep.

hope you get some relief soon.

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answers from New York on

I use Advil Migraine. Excedrin did nothing for me. I also drink gatorade when I get these. Sometimes throwing up will releave the pain. When I was a teenage I would get them really bad to were nothing would help but to vomit. I would have my mother make me slimy scrambled eggs to make me vomit. Then they stopped when I was 18 or 19 and started again when I was about 32. But now they are not as intense as when I was younger. I don't have the need to vomit anymore. I just pop a Advil Migraine and within 20 minutes its gone. If they get too bad I would go see your dr and maybe they can give you a prescription. Hope you feel better and I know your pain. Good Luck!

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answers from San Diego on

Acupuncture is great for migraines as well as massage. Vitamin B is also suppose to help with migraines. As a last resort, I know some people who get botox injections in their neck to help with migraines.

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answers from Hartford on

I get chronic migraines from stress, the wrong foods, and barometric pressure. When we had all of those snow storms my migraines were out of control. We've had rain off and on the past couple of days/nights and today it's raining pretty heavily and I've had a migraine since last night due to the barometric pressure associated with it.

I do take a daily prophylactic for the migraines. For me, it's Topamax, and it's helped minimize the frequency and intensity of them. I did have to take an Imitrex last night and another this morning in order to control this migraine, but that's much more rare than before I started a daily prophylactic. Before that I had to take Imitrex weekly and Advil twice a week or more.

For now, get in a hot shower and just sit in there for a while with the shower aiming at the back of your head. Keep it dark in there. Then dry off when you feel better and nap if you can in the dark. I don't take the Excedrin, but I do sometimes drink half a can of Coke or have some coffee with Advil. But I think if you have migraines frequently you should ask your neurologist about something you can take daily to reduce the frequency and intensity, like Topamax, and something you can take when the migraines get bad like Imitrex or Maxalt (which I didn't like personally but my mom loves).

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answers from Boston on

My mother in law has migraines and she has tried all kinds of medicines, some work , some don't. I would call your doctor and see what they can prescribe. There was one that was a blood pressure reducer that worked really well (taken every day) but she already has low blood pressure so it would make her a bit dizzy, and she stopped it. There is also some kind of suppository since she vomits for a full day when she gets her migraines. Acupuncture may help, as may massages. Avoid your triggers, but you need to find out what they are. For a lot of people it is caffeine, chocolate, lack of sleep, alcohol, etc.
I have long headaches every spring tied to seasonal allergies. I find that allergy meds do not work, but if I take ibuprofen around the clock (every 6 hours) for about 2 weeks I get through the allergy season. Maybe allergies are playing into you migraines too.
Talk to a doctor about what you can do. Good luck.

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answers from San Diego on

I grab a Gatorade and drink that, I also drink 2 instead of my daily 1 cup of caffeinated coffee. I put an ice pack on the base of my neck and move it about to any of the places of my head that's throbbing. I take a couple Tylenol as well sometimes but I like to not take it if Idon't have to. I can't take ibuprofen which is the preferred medication to take because it (ironically) gives me migraines. I try to take it easy as much as I can and keep the lights dim and not open the blinds if I don't have to. Of course there is only so much taking it easy you can do as a mom LOL

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answers from Baton Rouge on

OTC meds don't work for my daughter's migraines. The only things we've found that do are Imitrex and Treximet.
Exedrin migraine is nothing more than Tylenol and caffeine.

Sometimes applying heat to my head used to help when I had them.

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answers from Philadelphia on

our menstral cycle does effect headaches and migrianes. are you sure it may not be a sinus headache in conjenction with the migraine? Try a nice hot bath or hot shower. Sometimes when I have a bad sinus headache,I have eaten a small piece of chocolate and took my meds and it seemed to help. The weather does not help,80 degrees one day and 52 two days later. Try some sinus medicine and see if it helps. I am getting ready to take some medicine myself,my sinuses are killing me,

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answers from Seattle on

ice base of your neck and your forehead. dark room. have the room on the cold side.

I hope it doesnt last to much longer!!

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