Headache & Migraine: Preschooler

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Contagious Headache?

D.G. asks from Philadelphia

I am the mom of 3. My youngest is 27 months and she we very irritable for a few days, ended up vomitting in her crib one night, and woke up complaining of her ears. I...


3 Yo with Headaches?

B.H. asks from Seattle

My 3.5 year old, has told me 2 times in the last 2 weeks that he has a headache, He put his hand a little above his forehad adn said right here...... what would be ...


Does Anyone Have Trochleitis And/or Migraines?

J.L. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone suffer from Trochleitis and/or migraines? If so, do you have any words of wisdom or medical advise? I would love to hear it. I have been on every medic...


4 Year Old Won't Stop Winning

T.P. asks from Jacksonville

My son is 4 and for along time now he wines about every little thing. At first i thought it was just a stage. He started winning like this when his sister who is now ...


Cough Remedy for My 4 Year Old

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter has severe cough. i rubbed vicks under her feet. but it is pretty bad. any other remedy?


3 Year Old with LOTS of Gas

M.H. asks from Pine Bluff

Hi Ladies, This may be a strange question, but has anyone else had trouble with their children having lots of gas? My youngest is 3 years old and has gas all the tim...


Tylenol with Zyrtec?

M.R. asks from Milwaukee

Quick. Can you take Tylenol after just taking a Zyrtec? I have a pounding headache and am about to leave for the day.


Help Fast! I Need to De-stress!

B.C. asks from Dallas

My baby has been crying all day. I don't know if she's teething, or if she just doesn't feel good, but she's been whiny, and crying. She won't eat, or nap, and on top...


Seeking Help with Dinner!!!

K.J. asks from Dallas

With me being a single mom that works with a 3 and 4 year old, my evenings just seem to fly by. The kids like to play outside and ride their bikes or go to the park, ...


Stomach Bug Symtpoms

J.G. asks from Champaign

Hello all, we are a little concerned right now, our 4 year old son just caught a bug as well as another family member. He started with a headache 3 days ago then puk...