Headache for 16 Years

Updated on October 30, 2010
S. asks from Prospect Heights, IL
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Hi Moms,

My husband has had a chronic daily headache for the last 16 years. He has been to every kind of Dr. you can think of during this time and no one has been able to help rid him of these. He's tried Botox, epidural injections, acupuncture, chiro, bio-feedback, tons of different meds and has been to the Diamond Headache Clinic to no avail. We had an appt .with a Dr.Y. Khavkin
(a Nurosurgeon) but a week before his appt, the Dr. left his practice, and moved to another state.
My question is: does anyone know of any Dr's who specialize in headaches (not migraine) in the Chicago/suburbs area? After all these years, he might need a Neurosurgeon who specialized in cronic headaches but need help finding one. Your input is most appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your input. Many of the things you recommended we have tried to no avail. I think we will still try to find a Neurosurgeon and see how that goes. Thanks again.

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answers from Chicago on

My friend had this and found out she has celiac disease. If you haven't already, do some allergy testing on things like wheat, gluten and dairy or just eliminate these foods (gluten is hard, it's in everything!) and see if he feels better.

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Has he ever had an MRI? I've had chronic pain for about 3 years. Finally I saw a neurosurgeon and he asked for an MRI. Turns out I had fractured my back at some point and a piece of bone had chipped off and was laying on a nerve.

I would definetly see a neurosurgeon.

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answers from Chicago on

How awful. I think you're getting some great advice here from the Mom's. I would highly recommend that he see a medical intutive I go to now and then. Most of his patients see him as a last resort when doctors can't figure out what's wrong with them. He saw a woman who had constant headaches, no one could figure out what was causing them. After studying her long and hard he recommended that she be tested for formaldahide. She thought he was crazy, but did the test anyway. He was right. Turns out she wore clothes often that were dry cleaned and had a lot of it in her system. Does your husband have his shirts dry cleaned?

He charges $175 for an hour session. Obviously, well worth it. His name is Kurt Hill ###-###-####. He's at 1 East Superior Suite #307. Works weekends! Call him and get your husband over there today!

I know he can help him! Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.



answers from Washington DC on

My best friend went to a headache clinic in Chicago. Hers were food related.
I'm sure you have done all this but
Have they tested for TMJ
Had the thyroid tested
allergies to something inside the house, including woman's perfume and soap
Eliminated all dairy, nitrites, soy, wheat, preservatives, alcohol, garlic, onion, tomatoes, acidic fruits, latex

I am so sorry for him.



answers from Pittsburgh on

The poor guy! Has he tried a naturopath? He could have a sensitivity to something that is causing this. Worth a shot.



answers from Dallas on

I have been taking a supplement since March that has dramatically helped me with my chronic daily headaches that I have suffered with since I was a teen. Let me know if you'd like more info about it... So sorry your husband has been suffering like this. I can relate to it and I know how terrible it feels to always have a headache. :-(



answers from Chicago on

I just wanted to say that my sister has been suffering with this EXACT same thing every day for 9 years now. She has done everything your husband has done, including the Diamond Headache Clinic, and nothing has helped. She is on pain meds that have somewhat alleviated the pain each day and an anti-anxiety drug that decreases her stress which apparently aggravates her pain. She is so incapacitated that she has not been able to work for about 7 years now, is on SS disability, and can barely function in society now. This has been going on for so long, and she is so adjusted to just dealing with this reality of pain. I have no solution for her or your husband, but I just wanted to say that I know how hard this is for you and your family. If you find anything that helps, please let me know. I wish the best for you!!



answers from New York on

Just curious - does he wake up at the same time everyday? I've heard it helps a lot to do so. Has he been to the ENT? Dentist?

Good luck - I get headaches once a week and it's a horror.


answers from Bakersfield on

Don't know a doc but just wanted to share that my FIL had a headache for 20 years.... no one could ever figure it out. And he said that one day he woke up and didnt have it and has never had one since and thats been for about 40 years now. He's 93.



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Has he had his teeth checked for TMJ disorder? He could be grinding or clenching his teeth and that would give him a headache. I speak from experience. I got a mounth appliance, no more headaches.



answers from Chicago on

I know someone who had a headache for years and was constantly misdiagnosed (or not diagnosed). She ended up finally being diagnosed with chiari malformation. Just another thing for you to look into. Good luck.

Or have you checked out an allergist?



answers from Boise on

I have had a headache for 17 years now...wow, I didn't realize that it was 17 years?! I was in a bad car accident and it seems to be a tension headache that also adds a migraine occasionally for kicks. Has he had any spinal images taken? Maybe there is a pinched nerve somewhere? Massage and acupuncture really help me, but they are temporary. I now just have a low level (I view it as low after all these years) pain constantly and have learned to deal with it, but if he finds out something, let me know, it would be great to solve this.



answers from New York on

Have you tried an allergist? Maybe there's something in the environment or he's eating something that he's allergic to. I've also done something called MAT (Muscle Activation Technique). I was in a car accident and found this more effective than chiro and traditional physical therapy. It really targets the weakest or damaged muscles and strengthens them. Then the other muscles don't have to be overworked to compensate. Insurance doesn't usually pay for it, and it's pretty new so you'd have to look online to find a place near you that does it. I hope you find a solution!

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