Good Hygiene: Child

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Dental Charges

C.S. asks from Oklahoma City

Hi! Has anyone ever been charged for "oral hygiene instruction" by your pediatric dentist? I find this kind of a bogus charge that should be included in the exam. I...


My 9 Year Old Step-daughter Won't Wipe After Peeing.

J.D. asks from Anchorage

My 9 year old step-daughter won't wipe after she pees. She lives with my husband and I full time and sees her mother 3 weekends per month. He mother never taught her ...


Keep My Child Home for Fear of H1N1?

K.C. asks from Albuquerque

My son loves to go out and socialize, but I am afraid to take him out for fear of him getting the swine flu. He is on a waiting list for the vaccine, but what do we ...


My8 Year Old Won't Wipe Her Butt.

A.M. asks from Beaumont

The 9 year old girl is extremely clean and aware of hygiene but the 8 year old doesn't get it! She smells and is offensive. What is wrong and why doesn't all of this ...


Brushing a Two Year Old's Teeth

L.R. asks from San Francisco

I'm looking for advise on how to get a two year old to let me brush her teeth. It's never been easy to do, but now that she's much more vocal and asserting her indepe...



J.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Ladies, Well I decided to get some advice about an issue I've been having. I have a daughter who is going to be 8 years old. For the past 6 months I have been hav...



K.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi everyone - this is my first time asking a question. I am really in need of some advice. My 3 year son who we adopted is not circumcised and I am considering havi...


Afraid to Put My Child in Church Daycare Because of Germs.

D.F. asks from New York

Hi moms, I need help. Im a total germaphobe. When I was a child, my mother exposed me to everything. She didnt think twice about me being exposed to other sick childr...


Help with My ADHD Daughter/getting Going in Morning/hygiene Issues

S.H. asks from Wichita

Hi, I am a single mom of three kids - my oldest is 10 and is severely ADHD. She is on Concerta which helps but mornings remain a huge struggle. On days out of school...


Contacts or No Contacts?

N.S. asks from El Paso

My fourteen year old son has been wearing glasses since he was five. He will be entering 9th grade this school year and desperately wants contacts. I have mentioned...