Good Hygiene: Child

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Being Harassed by CPS Because My 10 Year Old Has a Normal Hygiene Problem

K.V. asks from San Diego

As a parent of a ten year old boy, I've done my research over the last few years as my son has gotten closer to puberty; Both through the web and through family membe...


Chores for a 5 YO

J.C. asks from Roanoke

My daughter is turning 5, and we have decided to give her an allowance and require her to do some chores. What are some good chores for a 5 YO to do? Thanks, moms!


Little Girls and Hygiene

N.G. asks from Dallas

I can't tell you how many times I've lectured my two daughters, ages 7 and 4, on keeping our girly parts clean, especially making sure they wipe enough after they pee...


Dental Hygiene Questions

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

1. I brush my 14 month old son's teeth every night but he kind of twists and turns away from me so I'm worried I'm not really getting his teeth clean. The bottom tw...


How to Teach Modesty

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

My oldest daughter is 4. I've started doing in home childcare for 2 little boys (3 and 16 months). We've never really worried about modesty in my house. My husband dr...


Help! How Do I Deal with the Neighbor Childs Lack of Hygiene

P.R. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter plays with the neighbors daughter shes 9 and my daughter is 6.The issue is most of the time she comes over she smells musty. My daughter also sweats and b...


Issues with 5 Year Old, Possibly Needs a Daily Schedule??

S.B. asks from Denver

I need some help on how to challenge and entertain both of my children (mainly my son). I'm a SAHM and usually watch other children including LOTS of activities, but...


6 YO Choked on Chip and Now Won't Eat - HELP!!

J.R. asks from San Antonio

Hi- I have a question/worry about my 6 yo DD that I'm hoping to get help for. About a month ago, she choked on a chip. She had gotten up from the table and was ...


Need Advice -- 5 Year Old and 'Friends' Behavior in Pre-school

J.R. asks from Miami

Hi All. My almost five year old is very happy this year in pre-school and runs in every day. Cries when he is sick because he misses preschool....That is a good conte...


Need Help with Nine Year Old Daughter Not Caring About Hygiene

S.T. asks from Indianapolis

My daughter still wets the bed. She wears pull ups to bed and will leave them on her bed wet, and sleep in it the next night. She'll put them in her drawers, and we...