Good Hygiene: Tween

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J.H. asks from Nashville

My daughter is 10 yrs old. Her dad died 3 years ago. Since then I have noticed that her Hygiene has gotton worse. When she goes to the bathroom either #1 or #2 she...


Being Harassed by CPS Because My 10 Year Old Has a Normal Hygiene Problem

K.V. asks from San Diego

As a parent of a ten year old boy, I've done my research over the last few years as my son has gotten closer to puberty; Both through the web and through family membe...


Helping Teen with Beauty and Hygiene

J.G. asks from Columbus

I currently work with teenagers at my church. One teen in particular is a precious girl, who does wonderfully academically, and is just a great kid in general. Howev...


How Do I Get My 13 Year Old Son to Be Accountable?

E.H. asks from Portland

So, my 13 year old is going through the same thing they all do, I am pretty sure. He does not put on clean clothes, brush his teeth, shower, clear his dishes, do his...


My 10 Year Old Girl Is Having Hygiene Issues, Help!!

M.W. asks from Philadelphia

Recently I have been having more trouble with my 10 year old daughter wanted to take care of herself. She has ADD but has stopped taking her meds in May. She always...


Mom Seeking Hygiene Advice for a 11 Year Old

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi everyone. i am in need of some advice on the topic on shaving legs. My daughter is 10 soon to be 11 and has really hairy legs. It really bothers me. She has no...


13 Year Old Son Making Me Crazy!

B.S. asks from Chicago

I know this is probably perfectly normal, but my 13 year old son is making me a little crazy. He is going through a phase and does not want to get his hair cut or eve...


How to Introduce 11 Year Old Boy to Proper Showering and Deodorant - Need Advice

M.M. asks from Detroit

My son showed me his underarms the other day and they were bright red with a rash and some dirt/fibers built up. Yikes! I felt horrible!! I've shown him how to sho...


Teenage Boys Bad Hygiene

K.P. asks from Omaha

I feel guilty for feeling this way, but my 14yr old son smells, bad. My husband and I have tried to discuss the matter with him. He does not want to discuss it and sw...


10 Year Old Who Hates Baths and Showers?!

C.N. asks from South Bend

I have a 10 year old very healthy female. I am currently working more on her weight that seemed to just happen overnight. However, she has a huge problem with taking ...