How to Teach Young Boys Potty Hygiene

Updated on December 12, 2009
A.S. asks from Austin, TX
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My oldest son has some physical developmental delays and was not potty trained till 4 1/2. He is now 5 and in "big boy" school and starting to be more independent. He still has some difficulty with getting dressed and self care, but I am trying my best to encourage him to always do things instead of getting frustrated and doing it for him. I am about at the end of my rope with this one though. He always has trouble remembering all the steps in using the bathroom, I always end up having to remind him either about flushing or putting the seat down or washing his hands. But the biggest issue is pooping. He likes to have some privacy now so I don't always directly monitor him using the toliet. He has a hard time with wiping, he wants to be done and out of there and on to more fun things, kwim? He doesn't seem to notice his behind is not clean, and I don't mean just a little in the underwear. He rushes through it just to get it done and I am so sick and tired of finding this gross-ness in his pants. He even had a rash once similar to diaper rash because he wasn't cleaning himself well enough. I tell him to have me "check" after he poops and gets done wiping but half the time he doesn't even tell me. And when he does, most of the time it's not even close to clean. How do I go about teaching him how to do this? I mean, it must be can't see back there, and due to the length of time it took him and the sensory issues he has I think he doesn't really feel it. So how else can he know??? Just don't know where to go with this..... Is this something I should ask his OT at school for help with?

Thanks Moms

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answers from Bloomington on

Dear A.,
My son is 5 and has autism. He didn't get potty trained until he was 4 1/2 either. I don't exactly have any great advice for you, but I wanted you to know that I am there with you. My son doesn't wipe unless I am in there with him and even when he does wipe, he doesn't do it very well. I am just following him in the bathrooom to see what he is doing. He also won't wash his hands unless i am in there with him too. I haven't asked his OT at school about it either. I was thinking this might be a little "too personal" for school.
I was just thinking that once he gets a little older, it might come naturally. We still battle stuff like brushing teeth, etc.
Good luck, A.



answers from Chicago on

Would he be able to keep a pack of wipes at school? (Even though we don't have a baby in the house anymore, we still love to keep wipes around.)

I always teach, keep wiping until it wipes clean.



answers from Chicago on

I only have a boy and if it was not for my husband being involved there would have problems. So my advice is have your husband take control of this issue.



answers from Peoria on

What about using "chart" with the steps. Or a paper that lists the steps on it? If he can't read they have pitures on the internet you can paste to the paper. I can't remember the website (and have since wiped the computer), but I found pictures on the web one time that are primarily used for autistic children, but show things like taking down your pants, using the toilet, toliet paper (for wiping), washing hands, using soap etc. Maybe if you post it somewhere in the bathroom where he can see it-like the wall in front of the toliet, back of the door, by the sink- wherever you think it would work- it could remind him of all the steps? Hope this helps!
P.S. I just looked and found this awsome site (posted below) that might help- or google bathroom routine pictures!
You may be able to find something like this for getting dressed and things too, to help with frustration there.

Also- in terms of him getting clean- bathroom wipes help and just try to teach him top wipe till the paper or wipe is clean!



answers from Chicago on

I would also suggest a well placed mirror where you can teach him to check so he can see what's back there.

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