How Did You Become a Dental Hygienist??

Updated on December 07, 2009
L.B. asks from Coppell, TX
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My husband is looking to make a change in his career. He has been looking into becoming a dental hygienist but seems to get a lot of different and confusing advice from different schools. He was told that to go to a Dental Assistant program and then take the State test. He was also told to find a Dental Hygiene School (which he can't seem to find) and then take the test. Would really appreciate some advice from someone who has already done it, would shed some light...really confused here! haha! :) Thanks for the advice!

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I am a dental hygienist and would be willing to answer any question you or him might have. As far as I know, Collin County and TCC have 2 yr programs and TWU and Baylor have Bachelor programs. There is training involved you just can't take a test. Dental assistant school would be of some help learning to take xrays but is useless other than that. They teach you to take xrays in hygiene school so you should just go to hygiene school. They are very selective on who they let in. You must have a very high GPA and most want all your basics taken before you apply.



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My husband has been employed as a dental assistant for years and contemplated going to hygiene school. I would suggest your husband start his search with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners This site will give you further information on both fields. Dental Assisting training can be completed in 6 -9 months yet hygiene school requires either an associate or bachelors. Two schools in the area to suggest are Collin County Community College for the associate and Texas Woman's University in Denton for a Bachelors. As a graduate of TWU, I am biased but it's a small state school which gives you a private school feel at public cost. Baylor School of Denistry is also a great resource.

HTH and best of luck with the career change

Sheila S.


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TCC offers dental hyg. as well other health related careers.
Just go to and look over their courses. There are like 8 pre-req's that could be completed before actually going into the dental program. (AP1&2, microbiolgy, english, chemistry,and a few others.)



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My sister graduated from TWU's dental hygiene school.



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Collin County and Baylor College of Dentistry both have great dental hygiene programs. He will have to finish the pre-reqs (ask each school what their specifics are). The hygiene program will be 2 years. \

I do know the schools are fairly competetive to get into. Other than GPA/testing rankings, the most important quality they look for is experience in a dental office. They basically want to know that he knows exactly what he is getting into, because motivation is the primary key to success.

My husband is a dentist and might be able to give you more information. PM me if interested and I can give you his email.

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