Going Back to Work: Nystatin

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When Nystatin Doesn't Work??

W.H. asks from Houston

My son had an ear infection and was prescribe an oral antibiotic. As a result, he received a yeast rash. Over a week ago, I called my doctor and she called in a scri...


Nystatin & Diarrhea

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

We seem to be in a downward spiral of maladies! Three weeks ago, my 6 mo.-old was diagnosed with Thrush. (Which in itself is weird since he's on the older side for Th...


I Have Been Using Nystatin for a Horrible Diaper Rash

C.W. asks from Tampa

Has anyone had any problems with the Nystatin? The dr said to use it 2-3 times a day. She has blister like red blemishes near her private. It's right along the diaper...


Does Anyone Know Why My Tongue Is Turning Black After Just Starting Nystatin

M.G. asks from New York

Had teeth removed on antibiotics still got infection from dentist four months now dealing with mouth issues unable to eat now put on Nystatin dr said it might take se...


Diaper Rash! What Do You Do When Desitin Doesn't Work?

K.R. asks from Chicago

Do you have any remedy recommendations for a nasty diaper rash? The skin is broken in the size of a quarter on one little butt cheek, pink everywhere else. My 20 mo...



C.T. asks from Buffalo

My son has had a very mild case of thrush for the last 2 months. We've gone through several rounds of nystatin. I keep bottles and pacifiers sanitized and I also us...


How to Treat Newborn with Yeast Diaper Rash?

M.E. asks from Birmingham

My 3 week old has a persistent yeast diaper rash. We treated it with Lotrimin for 5 days, which helped some but the rash is still bright red in the very middle of her...


What to Do About Yeast Infection in an 8 Week Old?

R.R. asks from New York

My 8 week old son has had an yeast infection since he was born., The doctor prescribe Nystatin which helps temporarily with the diaper rash but it keeps on coming bac...


Need Advice for Treating Thrush

J.T. asks from Wichita

My now 2.5 month son has had thrush since he was 2 weeks old. I took him to the doctor and he was prescribed nystatin. It helped but it never really got rid of the th...


Thrush ..UGH

L.G. asks from Phoenix

My son who is 3 weeks old, has thrush.. its spread to a diaper rash, which the dr prescribed some nystatin cream for, which has helped. The Nystatin that she prescrib...